Discover Your Dominant Character Trait

character trait

What dominate character trait would you say best describes you? Are you courageous, sensitive, or generous? Perhaps you see yourself as passionate, ambitions, analytical, trustworthy, or adventurous.

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Undoubtedly, you are actually a unique combination of several different character traits. But have you ever wondered which of those traits is your most dominant one?

Not an easy call

It’s been estimated that there are over six hundred primary character traits. Having that many choices makes it very difficult to identify your most dominant one.

But what if the whole process could be simplified? What if you could discover your primary character trait just by answering a few multiple choice questions?

Would that interest you?

I love to discovering simple ways to short cut complex processes, don’t you? If so, I think you’ll really enjoy this quiz. I sure did.

This fun little multiple choice quiz is designed to provide some insight into your primary character trait. The average time to take the quiz is only about one minute!

Discover Your Dominant Character Trait

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Do you feel that your results were accurate?
Were the questions easy, or did you have to think about them?
I’d love to hear your thoughts about this quiz!

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