Finding the Wisdom to Unlock Your Full Potential

wisdom and potential

Every speck of scientific research on the subject of human potential says that we all have much more potential power and ability than we are currently using. On some level I think we all probably realize, or at least suspect, that we have massive potential. The problem is, realizing that you have this powerful potential and actually tapping into it are two completely different things.

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In fact, very few things are more frustrating than knowing you’ve got the resources to make a dramatic difference in your life, but not being able to access them. It’s like finding your dream home, having more than enough money in the bank to buy it, but the bank refuses to let you access your account.

Why is it so difficult to realize our full potential?

Have you ever wondered about that? If we have all this amazing potential, why can’t we just open up those resources and use them whenever we want to? It’s interesting that the entire scientific community is struggling with the same question. They readily acknowledge the almost limitless power of the human mind, but they can’t figure out how to tap into it.

I brought that up to make a point. When it comes to developing our full potential, over thinking can actually hinder our progress and conventional thinking won’t get us where we want to go. I believe that there are two distinctly different kinds of wisdom that we all have at our disposal, and that relying too heavily on one will drown out the other.

Two very different kinds of wisdom

In the man made world of science, mathematics, and all the other academic pursuits, we have been conditioned to rely heavily on analytical wisdom. We think everything out and analyze it thoroughly in an effort to “find the answers” to our questions. Obviously, being able to think is a very useful ability and frankly, I wish more people would make better use of it. But thinking is not always the most productive way to find answers. In fact, sometimes it just gets in the way.

When we look at the natural world we quickly realize that analytical wisdom is nonexistent. There is only genetic wisdom, what we like to call instinct. This is the core wisdom that I believe resides within our genetic blueprint. Now here is something that I find extremely interesting. In the absence of analytical wisdom there are no imbalances. This brings me back to the point I made earlier, that over thinking can actually interfere with your ability to unlock your potential.

Acknowledging human genetic wisdom

Some of the richest and most meaningful experiences in life have absolutely nothing to do with analytical thinking. The bond of love between a man and a woman, the act of conception, giving birth, and a mother nursing her new born baby are all good examples.

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The same is true when it comes to avoiding danger or protecting our loved ones. If you see a truck barreling toward you at 50 miles per hour, do you need to analyze the situation or do you just get out of the way? If your baby is running toward the deep end of a swimming pool, are you going to think about it or are you going to grab them before they fall in?

Life is sustained by breathing, but we don’t give it much thought unless something interferes with the process. When we are hungry we eat and when we are tired we sleep (unless too much thinking keeps us awake). The wisdom to do all of these amazing things does not come from our analytical mind and over thinking any of them will only get in the way.

Unlocking a greater share of your amazing potential

Obviously, when it comes to accessing more of our potential, over analyzing the situation is not going to help. Instead, learning to quiet our minds will encourage our innate genetic wisdom to become more pronounced. This will allow greater balance between our two types of wisdom and greatly increase our resourcefulness. Here are some practical ways to help you do that.

1) Listen to soothing instrumental music. With your eyes closed try to feel the music inside your body as it moves and changes.

2) Sit on the beach or by a river. Listen to the sound of the water with your whole being so that you can feel its rhythm created by the moving water.

3) Go outside at night. Lay on your back and look up at the night sky. Relax and let go of your thoughts as your eyes adjust and the stars become really visible.

Moving toward balance

The natural world runs on the exact wisdom you are trying to connect with. The more you immerse yourself in nature, the easier it will be to develop your genetic wisdom.

If you want to unlock your potential to a greater degree, you need to balance your wisdom. This means paying more attention to your genetic wisdom and not allowing your analytical mind to take over your life.

Intellectual wisdom plus genetic wisdom is real wisdom

Reaching your true potential requires a different kind of wisdom. It means developing a completely different concept about what is possible and a whole new attitude about life in general. It also requires a different set of life skills in order to produce a higher quality of results. That is exactly what I explore with you in Find Your TRUE SELF.

Modern life is full of artificial mental stimulus and sensory input. This creates an environment that over stimulates our analytical mind while drowning out our innate genetic wisdom. It takes conscious effort to achieve a balanced relationship between intellectual wisdom and genetic wisdom, but the benefits are far greater than the effort required.

Have you been over thinking your life?
Are you losing touch with your genetic wisdom?
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