Will You Take Action?

by Jonathan

Will You Take Action?

Here’s the formula: Knowledge fueled by emotion equals action, and action is the one necessary ingredient needed to ensure results. Only action can cause reaction. Further, only positive action can cause positive reaction.

It’s not what you know,
it’s what you do with what you know.

Action and affirmations

The whole world loves to watch those who make things happen, and it rewards them for causing waves of productive enterprise. I stress this because I see many people who are really sold on affirmations.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against affirmations as a tool to inspire you to take action. In fact, affirmations can and do help reinforce your resolve to act on your plan of action, and in this way affirmations can help create wonderful results.

But there is also a very thin line between faith and folly. You see, affirmations without action can be a form of self-delusion. As for your well-being and the accomplishment of your goals, there are few things worse than self-delusion.

Affirmations without action

The man who dreams of wealth and yet walks daily toward certain financial disaster and the woman who wishes for happiness and yet thinks thoughts and commits acts that lead her toward certain despair are both victims of the false hope which affirmations without action can manufacture. Why? Because words soothe and, like a narcotic, they lull us into a state of complacency. Remember this…

To make progress you must take action!

The key is to take a step today. Whatever your project, TODAY is the best time to get started. Start clearing out a drawer of your newly organized desk … today. Start setting your first goal… today. Start listening to motivational recordings … today. Start a sensible weight-reduction plan … today. Start putting money in your new “investment for fortune” account … today. Write a long-overdue letter … today.

Small deeds done are better than
great deeds planned.  ~Peter Marshall

Anyone can do this, the question is, will you? Even an uninspired person can start reading or listening to programs designed to inspire and motivate. Just get some momentum going on your new commitment for a better life. Go all out! Break away from the downward pull of gravity. Start your thruster engines going and keep them going. Prove to yourself that the waiting is over and that you are all done wishing.  Let action take charge.

Make a fresh start today

Today is a new day, a new beginning for your new life. With a little effort you will be amazed at how much progress you’ll be able to make. What have you got to lose except the guilt and fear associated with doing nothing except wishing?

What could you start doing today?
What will you start doing today?
You’ve waited long enough!

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brad4d flar4art

“For every action the is an equal and opposite reaction” is a derivative of the Golden Rule which I actually like better in the negative, “Don’t do to others what you would not have done to you.” As an artist I ask consideration for the negative spaces…


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