Why do You want Financial Success?

financial success

Asking ourselves “do I know why I want this?” with regard to our reasons for wanting success is a powerful way of getting a clear picture of our own motives. It allows us to discover underlying desires and expand our awareness of our own purpose.

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‘Why’ seems like such a simple question, after all, many two-year-old can ask it all day long. But when we carefully examine the ‘why’ behind our desires for financial success, we usually learn things about ourselves that what we were unaware of. Everyone seems to want the trappings of success, but few people ever stop and ask why.

The value of knowing what we are really looking for

Knowing why we want to accomplish something also helps us identify the feelings we expect to experience once we get there. If we know what success will feel like, then we know where we are going emotionally. Remember, success starts on the inside. And one of the best ways to get inside your own head is to look in the mirror and ask: Do you know why?

Let’s use a desire for financial success as an example. Almost without exception, people want to this type of success. In our society, the terms success and financial success are basically synonymous. Countless millions live under the assumption that money equals freedom, happiness, and fulfillment. In other words money equals a great life.

Realistic emotional anchors for success

So emotionally speaking, financial success represents every good feeling that people want to experience to a greater degree. On an emotional level, success in this area equates to a happier, freer, more meaningful life. Is it any wonder that achieving financial success can seem like a hollow victory?

Is there anything wrong with having money? Not as long as we understand ahead of time, that money only solves financial problems. Money is a material resource, not a ticket to emotional fulfillment.

Success that feels like success

Asking ourselves why we want to achieve financial success provides an opportunity to identify unrealistic expectations. By eliminating inappropriate emotional anchors we will be able to get clear on what financial success actually represents, and what we can realistically expect it to feel like.

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This distinction makes success even more fulfilling because it is based on reality. So, whether the success you seek is financial or something else, knowing why you want it will increase your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction once you get there.

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