What is Your Mind Actually Good At?

what is your mind good at

Do you feel that your mind is good at certain types of mental challenges and not as good at others? What kinds of thinking do you excel at?

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Maybe you’re really good at spelling, but not so good at math. Or perhaps you are good with concepts but not with logistics.

How is your mind wired?

Understanding what kind of thinking you are naturally good at can help you design your life so you play to your strengths. Here are a few examples:

1. Logical mind?
2. Philosophical mind?
3. Linguistic mind?

Let’s look at a very basic comparison of these three different thinking preferences.

Which of these sounds like you?

If you have a logical mind you probably notice patterns and have a natural curiosity about how things work.

Someone with a more philosophical mind tends to ponder big questions and have a strong desire to find the truth.

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Those who think linguistically will find it easier to express themselves with words rather than with images.

Would you like to find out where your strengths are?

Most of us probably feel that we understand something about the way our own brain is wired. But can we really be objective about this?

This fun little multiple choice quiz is designed to give you some insight into how your brain is wired and what your mental strengths really are.

The average time to take the quiz is only about one minute!

What is Your Mind Actually Good At?

Do you feel that your results were accurate?
Were the questions easy, or did you have to think about them?
I’d love to hear your thoughts about this quiz!

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