Videos to Help You Create Positive Change in Your Life

videos for positive change

Each of these short videos is designed to provide focused attention on one specific strategy and simple life lessons that you can use immediately to create positive change in your life. I will be adding more content during the coming weeks, so please let me know if you like them.

We all have three main learning modalities. Because videos allow us to see and hear at the same time, they can make it much easier to assimilate and apply what we learn. I also think it is extremely important to keep them short and most of these will be  3 to 4 minutes in length.

The Power of a Winning Attitude 3 Questions that Lead to Success
2 Wolves in me Paper Airplane Like Coffee
That Frog adversity 7 wonders
a story about change 100 to zero empty pickle jar
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I saw and heard the videos provided and found it very useful, i hope you can provide me with more useful videos. Thank you very much for the great efforts.


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