Can You Really Turn Your Passion into Profit?

passion into profit

In case you haven’t noticed, turning your passion into profits is the single biggest promise making gurus and marketers rich these days. What a great marketing hook. Think about it, who doesn’t want to turn their passion into profit?

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It’s a dream that is shared by millions of aspiring entrepreneurs, to get paid for living on their own terms and to make a living doing something they love doing. That is probably the primary reason why, worldwide, there are approximately 175,000 new blogs started every single day.

It’s a promise that speaks to our very core

The freedom to live by our own schedule, make money while we are sleeping, and earn thousands while we are on vacation with nothing more than a laptop or iphone. How many times have you heard these promises? Too many, right?

So, why do smart people continue to buy into these promises? Why do huge product launches continue to generate millions of dollars inside of a few days? Because the thought of turning your passion into profit is an irresistible offer, that’s why. Be honest, how many books and programs have you bought over the years out of a desire to quit your day job and become independent?

If you own a library of these programs and still haven’t realized your dream, don’t feel bad and please don’t give up. Most of us have been down that road at some point, it’s just part of the learning process.

So, what’s missing from the passion into profit formulas?

With all of these offers being digested by millions of eager consumers, why are so few people actually experiencing the freedom and independence being promised? Is it all just marketing or is there just something missing?

If no one was actually able to turn their passion into profit then we could assume the worst, but a small percentage do make it, so we know it can be done. Is it a serious lack of motivation or follow-through on the part of those who purchase these products? Certainly that is a factor, but nobody spends $1,997 on a seven module training program without trying to implement it.

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So, is there some crucial information being withheld so that we are driven to buy the next product? Is the reality of entrepreneurship just so complicated that it is beyond the reach of most people? Personally, I don’t think it is either of those things.

Maybe we make it harder than it really is

When you combine a burning desire with too much information and too many choices, all you get is confusion. Trying to do everything just guarantees that nothing gets done properly. As a result, the essentials never get the attention they need because your focus is spread too thin.  In other words, we over complicate the process. Successful people follow a strategy that keeps their attention where it needs to be and filters out all the unnecessary distractions.

Logically then, any approach that can actually teach you how to turn your passion into profit would need to be relatively easy to follow, step-by-step, totally focused, and proven to work for a widest possible variety of interests, talents, and skill levels. It should also be inspiring, affordable and include some personal guidance every step of the way.

So, the next obvious question is: Where can you find something like that? Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of garbage in the marketplace when it comes to this subject and all that does is add to the confusion and frustration. I don’t have a specific solution for you, but here’s an article that might help add some perspective to the whole make money challenge.

How much have you spent in the passion to profit pursuit?
What passion would you like to turn into profit?
The lines are open!

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