TRUE SELF it’s Who You Are not What You Do!

true self is who you are

The biggest identity crisis going seems to exist in the blurry zone of confusion between what we do and who we actually are as a person. That’s because there is a very strong tendency to identify ourselves with our primary activities in life. Let’s look at that.

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What we do in life usually consumes a huge portion of our time and focus. It is only natural that we would want to spend that time doing something that feels gratifying on many levels. If it’s a job of some kind, not only do we want to feel financially gratified, but we also want to enjoy what we do and feel like we’re doing something valuable, right?

How important is it to enjoy what we do?

It’s important enough that almost everybody is trying to find a way to make a living doing something they really enjoy. We all know that work seems much less like work if we’re doing something we like doing. On the other hand, if we don’t like what we do it feels like a meaningless, endurance contest.

So, let’s agree that life feels better when we enjoy our primary activities whether it’s earning a living, being a parent, getting an education, or anything else that takes up a big chunk of our day. But here’s an important question to consider.

Will doing something you enjoy change who you are?

I know it will make your life feel less tedious and more gratifying. It will also make it easier to feel motivated to get up in the morning and go to work (whatever that is). But how much will those benefits affect the person you are on the deepest levels?

The reason I bring this up is because the general opinion is that if you can make a living doing something you love to do, you will live a happy and satisfying life. Now we’ve already established that having these circumstances will contribute to your level of enjoyment, but does that mean that you’ll live a life of happiness and satisfaction?

Work is not the path to your true self

What you do is only one expression of who you are, it’s not the complete picture. Not even close! This is true no matter how rewarding you find it. Personally, I love all of the various roles I play in my life and some are deeply meaningful and rewarding.

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While it is truly a blessing to feel that way, I also realize that understanding who I am on a core level is what really matters. Knowing my deepest core values, motives, passions and ethics means that I don’t need to look for my identity externally. It also means that I can easily avoid creating internal conflict because I live in harmony with who I really am. Consequently, every role I fill in life becomes just one more expression of my true self.

True self and internal harmony

In another article: 7 Vital Connections Making Up Your True Self I focused on some of the most important internal connections that are missing from most people’s lives. Is it any wonder that so many people are feeling disconnected with their own identity these days? Life has gotten so complex and demanding that it is interfering with our natural ability to make those vital connections.

Before we can harmonize what we do with who we are, we need to get reacquainted with self. We need to take the time to align our actions with our deepest values so we don’t continue to create internal conflict. We also need to discover our core passions so we don’t spend our life chasing someone else’s dream.

Find Your TRUE SELF – the right tool at the right time

If you’re ready to discover your core values and passions, and make a deeper connection with your true self, then you’re ready to Find Your TRUE SELF.

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