TRUE SELF and the Core Values Connection

true self core connection

TRUE SELF is a progressive journey that begins where few people dare to venture. The first part of the book is called Real Self – The Core Connection. It is structured in a way that helps you discover exactly who you really are on the deepest level.

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There are a number of unique exercises in this section to help you create internal harmony by connecting with your core values and passions. Along the way you will learn powerful strategies to effectively dismantle your limiting beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones.

Let’s have a closer look at the Core Connection

Beyond the Core values Connection

The next section is about motives and is designed to help you discover a number of things about your relationship with the concept of personal success. The purpose is to help you get very clear about what you really want to accomplish in life and why. You will learn to create personal success in around your passions in a way that never violates your core values.

Once the groundwork has been laid the remaining five sections will walk you progressively through the process of aligning with and realizing your most cherished goals. You will learn the right way to create a vision of your intended outcome, exactly how to design a path for realizing success, multiple techniques to create motivation and harness your untapped personal power, and how to avoid self-sabotaging behavior by adopting the internal identity of a truly successful person.

In the final section you will discover how to accelerate your personal growth as you embrace the number one way to magnify the sense of joy and level of satisfaction you experience.

TRUE SELF – build a life based on your core values

The book TRUE SELF is available on amazon and most of the other major online book stores. There is also a more in depth home study course called Find Your TRUE SELF. If you are serious about recreating your life from the inside out, the digital home study course is the way to go.

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What does the concept of true self and core values signify to you?
What do you see as the greatest challenge in making the core connection?
The lines are open!

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