Personal Power and the Magic of Self-Appointment


From a young age, you are appointed. Appointed to what and by whom? By your parents as “old enough to stay home alone.” By your institutions as “educated enough to enter the full time work force.” By your employers as “responsible enough for a promotion.”

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Ask yourself these 2 important questions:

1) Have you become mentally conditioned by all the external appointments?
2) Have you given your personal power to something outside of yourself?

Could this be the invisible force robbing your personal power and blocking you from rocketing toward your goals and reaching your full potential? For most of us, to one degree or another, the answer is “yes.”

From a young age, powerful forces within society condition you to undervalue who and what you are. Why? Because they want you to look to them for your sense of self-worth.  They want you to  look to them for validation, approval, and permission, through the appointments that they bestow on you. They only want you to realize your personal power to the extent that it serves their interests.

You have more personal power than they want you to know

Yes, we’ve all been hypnotized into believing we are smaller and less than we really are. Just as a fishbowl keeps goldfish tiny, to one extent or another we’ve all been conned into believing our value is determined by the size of our external appointments rather than our personal power.

The question is not: Have you given your personal power to someone or something outside of yourself? The real question is: How can you take it back? You see, personal power is an inside job. You do not need to import it from an external source. All you need to do is challenge the lies you’ve been told and persuaded to believe.

Break free of the conditioning

Realize that our school system, government, and industries reward dependency, NOT self-reliance. They reward conformity, NOT innovation. And they reward slavery to the status quo, NOT fearless expression of personal power and an adventure into the unknown.

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Aside from the basics, much of what you learned through formalized education is irrelevant, outdated knowledge. Its main role is to control your focus and beliefs. Worse yet, it is designed to condition you to take your assigned place in the socially accepted order of things.

This results in the inevitable stunting of your initiative, creativity, and capacity for thinking outside the box. Under these circumstances, how could you possibly develop the life skills to appoint yourself master of your own life and financial destiny. Instead, you end up waiting for permission to move slowly up the lower and middle rungs of the ladder of mediocre success.

Don’t accept mediocrity

Please don’t limit your life or your income while you wait for someone else to give you permission to be more. Reclaim your personal power and expand your beliefs to encompass the life you were born for. Emerson said, “Do the thing, and you will have the power.” You don’t need anyone’s permission, appoint yourself.

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