Subliminal Learning – Hoax or Reality?

subliminal learning

What do you think about the idea of subliminal learning through messages and images? Do you imagine that it is possible to use this technology to drive undetected messages directly into your subconscious mind?

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This concept has been around for a long time. It was originally proposed by Sigmund Freud who taught that the subconscious mind is the driving force behind all human behavior. You may be surprised to learn that 67% of Americans believe that subliminal learning works despite the fact that, until recently, there was no scientific evidence.

Why is this subject of subliminal learning so interesting?

I think different people are interested for a variety of reasons. Advertisers want to use it as a covert sales tool. In fact, they started doing so way back in 1957. As a side note, this practice is now illegal in Europe, but still going strong in the US.
Others have tried to harness the power of subliminal learning to help people overcome addictions, and to recover from physical or emotional trauma. The problem is, results are hard to measure objectively, or prove scientifically.

So the controversy has continued, until…

It seems that advancing technology and improved testing methods have finally allowed science to demonstrate the power of subliminal stimulation. The implications here should be of interest to anyone looking for a way to initiate positive personal change in any area of life. But before we look at ways to benefit from the latest discoveries, let me give you some references.

1) From Science Daily. In an article titled: Subliminal Learning Demonstrated In Human Brain — “Although the idea that instrumental learning can occur subconsciously has been around for nearly a century, it had not been unequivocally demonstrated. Now, a new study published by Cell Press in the August 28 issue of the journal Neuron used sophisticated perceptual masking, computational modeling, and neuroimaging to show that instrumental learning can occur in the human brain without conscious processing”… read more

2) Previous breakthrough research. Also cited in Science Daily In the article: Boston University Psychologists Find Neurological Mechanism For Subliminal Learning it states: “Long considered the realm of science fiction, subliminal learning occurs when individuals are influenced by a stimulus they are unaware of, like words played back below the threshold of hearing or images flashed on screen faster than the eye can perceive. Watanabe’s recent findings grew out of his team’s previous work in which they established that subliminal learning is real and that the brain is capable of learning without consciously focused attention.

In this latest research, Watanabe and his team uncovered the mechanism that primes the subconscious, enabling individuals to learn a task without actually realizing it. They also showed this type of learning is retained, giving a new interpretation to how long a learned behavior is retained in the visual cortex, an area of the brain thought to be fixed very early in life… read more

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Why do we care?

Our established, limiting, subconscious beliefs can be difficult to identify and overcome. Subliminal messages designed to change those beliefs could supercharge our ability to move past such restraints. This would allow us to experience almost effortless personal development.

This technology has the potential to positively affect your level of self-confidence, ability to lose weight, break bad habits, conquer fears, and succeed in business. The possibilities are staggering to think about. But there’s still the Big Question.

Will it work for you?

Obviously, I can’t answer that, but I sure would like to know the answer. In fact, I am so curious about the real world effectiveness of subliminal learning that I decided to take a closer look at what is available. I expected to find a lot of hype, and I did. But I also found a lot of reputable companies with some very impressive technology and research.

There are subliminal learning programs for just about any subject or skill you can think of. They seem to be especially popular for weight loss and learning another language. If you have used a subliminal program, I would love to hear about your experience.

What will the future bring?

Will continued research and development in subliminal stimulation change the way we learn? Will we have our minds infused with knowledge like some science fiction fantasy? Well, only time will tell, but I wouldn’t underestimate the potential here. There is so much that we don’t yet understand about the human mind. I have no doubt that the future will reveal amazing insights into the workings and capabilities of our marvelous brain.

For now, we should all strive to become the best possible version of ourselves, using whatever tools and techniques are available to us. Striving to reach our fullest potential is a wonderful way to contribute to the world around us and if subliminal learning work, it might really shortcut the whole process.

Do you have some experience with subliminal learning?
Do you think subliminal learning is a useful tool?
The lines are open!

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