6 Simple Steps for a Better Life Today

simple steps for a better life

Would you like to rearrange your current reality and start living a better life? Do you feel like you are ready to begin creating a better life by design? If so, then I would like to share six simple yet powerful steps that you can start taking today to create a better life for yourself in a relatively short time.

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1. Focus on what you intend to manifest. A better life begins with focus. So, quit focusing on what is missing from your life. This includes what you don’t want to see happen. As soon as you become aware that you are focusing on what you don’t have, choose a different thought. Shift your focus to what you intend to attract and manifest in your life. Put yourself in a state of receiving and accepting and move away from the state of lacking or wanting.

2. Stop struggling. If you find yourself viewing your present circumstances as the reason why you can’t have what you want, stop thinking that way. Whatever difficulties you are currently facing, know they are only temporary and will last only as long as you continue to give them your attention. A better life means less struggle. If you move your attention away from your current difficulties and see your situation as a temporary stepping stone to a better life.

3. Live in the here and now. Focusing on the past will just program you for more of the same. If you find yourself thinking that this is how things have always been, you won’t be able to create a better life! Learn to notice the way your life changes every time you take positive actions. Acknowledge that your reality today is an improvement over yesterday because of the effort you have made. Celebrate your progress and you will be motivated to keep taking positive steps toward a better life.

4. Quit telling the same old stories. Stop sharing your worn out tales of woe with others. When you quit telling your dramatic story, you won’t have to live up to those stories anymore. Replaying those stories is the same as reliving them. It’s impossible to move forward when you’re always looking backward. Start talking about the positive things you a learning and doing to create a better life for yourself. This will reinforce your new direction and empower you for even more progress.

5. Do it for YOU! Don’t worry about what others expect of you, or think is best for you. Everyone has an opinion of how you should live your life. When you feel pressure to live up to someone else’s expectations, stop and consider whether or not their expectations are in harmony with yours, if not, do what’s best for you. You are creating your own version of a better life and you need to live accordingly.

6. Don’t create negative energy. Try to let go of making unqualified judgments. Don’t weigh yourself down by passing judgment on others, it’s a giant waste of energy. Passing judgment is a form of comparison that requires emotional involvement and usually ends up creating some degree of negative energy. Everyone is on their own path and we all get to decide our own direction.

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There’s more “better life” power here than you might think

I know that on their own these six steps probably don’t seem significant enough to help you create a better life. That’s because they are designed to cause a subtle shift rather than a radical change in direction. But don’t underestimate the positive results that can come from a three degree shift in course.

If you were flying from New York to London and the pilot was just one degree off course the whole time, you would probably miss Europe altogether. Changing your life is often a case of making small adjustments that produce huge benefits in the long run. If you improve your life with small changes today you will start living a better life tomorrow.

Can these small changes really create a better life?
Do you see room for any of these simple steps in your life?
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