Use Questions as Personal Development Tools

use questions to empower yourself

Questions can be used in many ways to assist us in our personal development. Asking the right ones can help break down the emotional anchors of limiting beliefs. This is powerful because beliefs are not usually subject to logic, but questions can help break down that resistance.

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Another important way that we can use questions for personal development has to do with how we focus. The mind loves to find answers to questions. Give your mind a question and it immediately goes to work trying to find you the answer. So, asking the right questions will encourage our mind to think in a positive direction. This means that our focus will also move in that same positive direction.

Personal development has everything to do with focus. We grow as a person in the same direction as our focus. If we focus on negative things, that will define our world. This is the opposite of personal development. But we can’t focus in two directions at once. This means that carefully constructed questions actually harness our attention and move it along the path of our choice. The video below will show you how to do that. It’s called…

Use Questions to Empower Yourself

Personal development follows focus

I hope you found this information helpful. With a little practice you’ll find that adding assumptions to your questions in this way will become almost second nature. Learning to make positive assumptions about the various situations in our life has a dramatic effect on our attitude, and our perception of life in general.

As we continually train our mind to focus in positive directions, the negative aspects of life fade into the background. It’s the classic half-full half-empty syndrome. When we are focused on possibility and opportunity our world responds accordingly. New opportunities will arise, and we will see possibility everywhere we look. This is the power of using questions as personal development tools.

Do you have a favorite assumption that you like to use?
Do you see the value of using questions this way?
What role to questions play in your personal development?
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