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  • Are Self-Esteem Issues Holding You Back?

    Have you given any thought to the possibility that self-esteem issues may have prevented you from creating a truly satisfying and productive life?  Even if you are relatively happy with your life as it is now, know that a boost in self-esteem can make it dramatically more enjoyable and meaningful! It is not uncommon to have self-esteem issues undermining...

  • What is Self-Esteem?

    Healthy self-esteem, low self-esteem, build your self-esteem, we use the term freely in daily speech assuming that everyone understands what self-esteem actually is. In my experience, that’s an assumption that is not well founded. The oversimplified version of self-esteem When I looked in the dictionary to find their definition self-esteem, I was surprised.  You see, I fully expected that...

  • Life Lessons from Too Soon Old Too Late Smart

    In his book “Too Soon Old Too Late Smart” author Dr. Gordon Livingston provides us with 30 essential life lessons. Actually 31 if you include the title. He writes from the premise that even though we can’t escape who we are or what has happened to us, we are still in control of who we would like to become...

  • Who is Jonathan Wells?

    A number of readers have expressed interest in knowing more about me personally.  That’s fair, after all why should you tell me about your personal life if you don’t know anything about mine? I guess my tendency is, not to talk very much about myself.  The truth is, I’m more interested in you than I am in me.  But...

  • Do You Suffer from Shrinking Self Esteem?

    There are an increasing number of debilitating conditions that affect more and more people these days. Today, I want to begin an ongoing discussion about one of those conditions that interferes with a person’s ability to set goals and pursue them. Yes, I’m talking about low self esteem. Have you ever wondered how a seemingly well-balanced and productive person...

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