Life Skills for Successful Living

  • Anatomy of Personal Change

    Personal change is both an internal and external experience. It stems from a change in mindset and branches out from there. In truth, we are constantly moving toward some things, and away from others. But in order for noticeable transformation to occur, we must pass through a series of tipping points in succession. This does not mean that a...

  • 7 Ways to Beat the Boredom Blues

    What challenges are you currently stressing over? Is it financial problems, weight issues, depression, or a lack of energy? Could it be self-esteem or relationship problems? Those are truly legitimate concerns, but did you ever consider that many of those issues may actually be symptoms of a less obvious or hidden problem? What hidden problem? Underlying and contributing to...

  • Protect Your Emotional Health from Negative Talk

    We have scorpions in the forests of southern Oregon where I live, so I am going to use them in an illustrative way to make my point about emotional health. These nasty little critters can slip through the smallest of cracks and have lightning fast stingers. They are bad news on several levels. The sting of most scorpions is...

  • 7 Roadblocks to Your Personal Growth

    How many barriers are there to personal growth? Which ones have the greatest effect on your ability to create positive change in your life? Once you become aware of your personal roadblocks, you’ll be in an excellent position to overcome them. Let’s look at some possible contenders. 1. Loosely defined goals. Setting goals is such a fundamental part of...

  • Self-Esteem, Your Response to Self-Image

    We all have a certain image of ourselves. This mental image is based on our personal assessment of our abilities, looks, intelligence, popularity and any number of other personal qualities. Our emotional evaluation of that image will determine our level of self-esteem. Even though we tend to think that our self-image is accurate and based on reality, it’s not....

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