Permission to Feel Happy and Successful

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Do you want to feel happy and successful? The answer is obvious, we all want those feelings. In addition, we would also like to feel loved, appreciated, and valued. We all have the same basic human needs and the desire to feel fulfilled in these areas is a normal part of our emotional makeup. Most of the articles I write focus on practical strategies for creating positive changes in your life because I want to help you fill those important basic needs so that you can enjoy a higher quality of life. But there is another vital aspect to living […]

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Does the Good Life Lead to a Happy Life?

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Everybody wants that thing called “a good life.” Well here’s my question, what does that even mean? Exactly what is it that moves a life from “an average life” to “the good life”? For that matter, who gets to decide what constitutes a good life? If you asked a hundred people those questions, chances are you would get a hundred different answers. But even in the variety of answers, you would find several common areas that are important to almost everybody. So, while your definition may vary from mine, there are many things that we would both consider necessary for […]

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The Power of Positive Thinking in 3D

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When you employ the power of positive thinking, how do you apply it? Are you working to overcome a limiting mindset or to adopt a positive one? Do your positive thoughts include pictures, sounds and feelings? While you’re at it, what is your vision for your life based on? Did you form it around your past, your present or your future? You and I have these movies we play in our head. They start with a dialog and then move into pictures. Then they become moving pictures, and finally, we attach feelings to them. Motivated by our personal vision These […]

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What Determines Your Personal Value?

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The way we perceive our own self-worth as a person has a profound influence on every aspect of our life. Today’s culture sends a lot of mixed signals that can easily distort our views about what makes us a worthwhile person. Unless we develop a well grounded understanding of the true nature of personal value, we will probably end up adopting one or more of these distorted views. How Self-worth Affects confidence Our confidence in our own abilities will ultimately be the deciding factor when it comes to taking action and producing results. A lack of self-confidence acts as a […]

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Do You Lack Motivation?

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At first glance, lack of motivation can often seem to be caused by laziness or procrastination , but looks can be deceiving!  If you’re struggling to stay motivated while working on your goals or any other endeavor, a little introspection can be just the thing to provide clarity and insight about what’s really happening beneath the surface. When working with coaching clients who are struggling to stay motivated, it’s my job to find out why and help them get past it. Granted, sometimes the problem is exhaustion or burnout and then the prescription might be a vacation. But when that’s […]

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Using Transference to Increase Self-Confidence

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A question that keeps coming up about self-confidence is this. Why is there a difference in self-confidence depending on what we do? If we are confident in one area, why doesn’t that confidence cross over to other areas? Have you ever wondered about this? Before we address this question directly, let’s make sure we are clear on some important concepts. Self-confidence is not the same as self-esteem! The first thing we need to understand is that self-confidence and self-esteem are not the same thing at all. Now I have read countless articles that claim they are the same, so let’s […]

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First Comes the Fear Then the Blessing

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Why is it so easy to let fear stand between us and our dreams? You know how it works. First we think of something that we really want to do or accomplish. Then we start to list all the great benefits this new venture will bring into our lives. And just when we are really getting into it, some part of our mind comes up with, “yeah but, if we do that then…” You know what follows, a list of negative possibilities designed to throw a wet blanket over our great idea. And what do we call that wet blanket? […]

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Do You Find it Difficult to Trust Others?

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Are you naturally trusting, or do you tend to be suspicious of other people’s motives? Have you ever been taken advantage of by someone you trusted? Do you feel that trusting others is naive? Sadly, there is no shortage of people in this world who will try to take advantage of you. How many weird emails do you get telling you that you have won a lottery, or there’s a question about your item on ebay, or that you are the beneficiary of millions of dollars from overseas someplace? What do all these messages have in common? Someone is trying […]

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