Do You Truly Value Your Closest Friendships?

your closest friendships

I believe that the quality of your life is closely tied to the quality of your closest friendships. Do you feel like that is true? Most of us probably know a fair amount of people on a variety of levels. Some are casual acquaintances that we know just because our paths cross on a regular basis. While we can’t choose all of the people we encounter during the course of a normal day, there are certain people we choose to have in our lives. We call these people our friends. Friendships also happens on a different levels Let me ask […]

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7 Ways to Adjust Your Mindset about Money

your money mindset

Think about the fact that the currency we exchange is nothing more than printed paper. It doesn’t really have any value at all except the value that’s been assigned to it. Why would we want to measure our personal worth against printed paper that has no value? And yet, this is the mindset that millions of people have adopted. Look at the effect money has on the way we view ourselves. To some degree, our sense of self-worth and security tends to rise and fall with our income. And regardless of how we reason on it intellectually, the truth is, […]

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Do You Have “Good Old Days” Syndrome?

good old days

Recently I was contacted by some old friends that I had not seen or heard from in about 36 years. Oh the power of the web! As we talked, I began to realize that they might be victims of what I like to refer to as Glory Day Syndrome, which is basically a nostalgic longing for the so called “good old days.” I started to think about the limiting effects of this condition, and to wonder how many of our readers might be struggling with it as well. Longing for those good old days Do you remember an old Bruce […]

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Turning Fear into Anticipation and Excitement

turn fear into anticipation and excitement

Fear is like a two-sided coin. If we control it, we can use it to our benefit. On the flipside, if fear controls us, it will render us unable to accomplish anything. Think about a roller coaster ride. Part of what moves people to get on a roller coaster is the fear, except they don’t call it fear, do they?  No, they call it excitement. What makes it possible to embrace a fearful situation and see it as exciting and exhilarating?  In the case of a roller coaster, you see others doing it and having fun.  No one flew out […]

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Life Skills for Sailing on the Sea of Life

Life Skills and the Sea of Life

I love to sail and once had the pleasure of spending a month on a beautiful 42 ft. sailboat in the Sea of Cortez between the east coast of Baja and the west coast of Mexico. Reflecting on that experience got me thinking about some of the similarities between literal sailing and the experience of sailing on the sea of life. For one thing, specialized skills are required to succeed at either. One requires sailing skills and the other requires life skills. In the process of living, the winds of circumstance have an unending and ever-changing influence on us. Sometimes […]

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How to Take Action When you’re Stuck in Indecision

take action

How many times have you been working on a project or an important goal and then, all of a sudden everything comes to a screeching halt because you get hung up on something unexpected? It’s crazy, isn’t it? One minute everything is progressing nicely, the next minute you are totally stuck. You want to move forward, but here you are at this critical crossroad. And even though you never saw it coming, now you find yourself in  a situation where need to stop, reevaluate, and figure out what to do next. No problem, right? You feel confident in your own […]

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Find Your True Self, Inner Peace

inner peace and harmony

Through no fault of our own, most of us lack a certain degree of awareness about who we really are. I’m not talking about the person we are on the surface. Rather, I am referring to who we are on a core level once you strip away the social programming, ego, and learned defenses. Being the adaptable creatures that we are, we learn to play peekaboo with our true self from a very young age. Over time, this adaptation make it difficult to connect with that sense of  inner peace we all long for. And the process continues because we […]

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Hindsight and Our Personal Life Lessons

life lessons

There are literally dozens of famous quotes that begin with “If I knew then what I know now…” In fact, there is even a book by that name. What are we really talking about when we start a sentence with: If I knew then what I know now? Think about that for a moment. What kind of perception and feelings would prompt us to use that phrase? * The perception. Anytime we compare the present to the past we are doing so with the advantage of hindsight. We are looking back on our life course with knowledge that we did […]

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