Do You Feel the Need for a Change?

feeling the need for a change

From the moment of conception life is about change. How do you feel about that? Is it your natural tendency to embrace change, resist it, ignore it, or perhaps even try to deny it?

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I think our response usually depends on whether we view any particular change as good or bad. For example, if our income goes up by 50% we would likely welcome the change and view it as a good thing. On the other hand, the thought of having our income cut in half might meet with some resistance.

Different kinds of change

There are several kinds of change that we all deal with and it would be shortsighted to lump them all together. Just to make sure we are on the same page, let’s look at a few different categories to help us differentiate.

1) Desired change. This could be anything from wanting a break in our routine, to looking for a complete change in circumstances. In its simplest expression, this might mean a weekend away doing something enjoyable like going to the beach or the mountains. On a larger scale it could mean changing our relationship status or finding a new career. The distinguishing characteristic here is that this is the kind of change we move toward willingly.

2) Guided change. These are the changes that happen regardless of whether we want them to or not. The first one that comes to mind in this category is aging. The fact is, aging happens. Even though you can’t stop it, you do have a lot of influence on how aging affects you. Your attitude, eating habits, weight, activity level, and perception will define the way you experience aging. Resisting, ignoring, or denying the aging process won’t stop it, but doing what you can to guide it will alter your aging experience.

3) Unforeseeable change. This category is the one that catches us completely off guard and is usually something unwanted. An accident, illness, death, or some kind of loss comes to mind here. Unlike other types of change, this one usually has more to do with our personal coping skills. It’s pretty hard to prepare for the unexpected, so we just deal with it and try to find the hidden value. There is value in all change, but sometimes it’s not readily discernible.

Feeling the need for change

Lately, I’ve been feeling the need for a change, but it’s taken some careful self-scrutiny to figure out what is prompting that feeling. Do you ever feel like that? For me, it usually happens when I sense that my path needs a bit of adjustment. Here’s what I think is going on.

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I have decided to set aside even more  time every week to work one-on-one with coaching clients. There is a special sense of contribution that comes from helping another person in a private setting that is very different from helping in a more general sense. If you have ever worked with a coach, then you know exactly what I am talking about, and if you have read my about page or bio then you know that coaching has always been a big part of my life.

The way I see it, this just adds another dimension of value to the assistance available to our Advanced Life Skills community. My goal is to offer you choices according to your level of commitment to personal development. Right now we have:

Level 1 – Blog articles and email updates.
Level 2 – My book: TRUE SELF.
Level 3 – My indepth home study course Find Your TRUE SELF.
Level 4 – Personalized one-on-one Life and business strategy coaching.

Now, what about you?

If you are feeling the need for a change, how will you fill that need? Are you willing to take the time to figure out what is prompting that feeling and then find a way to do something about it? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to figure out what kind of change you need, and then set some truly meaningful, personal goals?

What kind of changes would you like to make in your life?
Is there some way to initiate those changes right now?
How committed are you to your own personal development?
Let’s talk about it!

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