Limited Employee or Successful Mindset?

by Jonathan

Limited Employee or Successful Mindset?

I mentioned yesterday that I would be addressing the concerns of our readers about financial success as indicated by your response to our self-improvement survey. This post is again part of that response.

You are what you choose to be, financially and otherwise. Just like you are what you eat, it also follows that you become what you focus on the most. If you set your mind to work for somebody as an employee, you will look for a job and you will be satisfied (or not) working as an employee.

Work on the mindset first

However, if you set your mind to attain financial freedom, you will find a way to become financially successful without the limiting yourself to working for someone else.

The mindset of most people is pre-programmed for finding a job and working as an employee. It’s a cultural conditioning kind of thing. Because of this programming they don’t seriously consider how they can actually create wealth. It’s not a conscience choice because they are not aware that they have been conditioned to see limited options instead of possibilities.

It’s a viscous circle

An appropriate acronym for the word JOB is – just over broke. Sadly for many people this is painfully true. Having a job as an employee allows you to earn just enough to cover your daily expenses. If you lose your job, you’re broke.

Working as someone else’s employee means your opportunities are limited and your financial security is in the hands of your employer. Your financial future will remain directly linked to their success.

Having a job creates the illusion that your income is secure. The truth is, when it comes to money there are no guarantees. In most cases, an employer will pay you just enough so you don’t quit. Consequently, employees work just hard enough to make sure they don’t get fired. As an employee, this means that the financially creative side of your mind is never fully engaged.

Embrace the possibility

You may be making somebody rich but that somebody is not you. You surrender control of your financial future to somebody else. As a result you are at their mercy. If their business goes down, you go down with it. If it goes up, it goes up while you stay where you are. To surrender one’s income to somebody is to allow your future to be shaped by their hand, not your own.

I’m not saying that employers are bad. They provide jobs and that is a good thing. I’m just painting a picture of one of life’s limiting realities that tends to go unnoticed. The reason is simply because most people have been programmed with an employee mindset. On the other hand, developing a mindset for success opens up limitless possibilities. Why not explore those possibilities?

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Steve Borgman

The biggest challenge is being able to make a step by step shift both mentally and action wise from the E quadrant to the B quadrant. Many people like the idea, but have no idea how to get there.


Jonathan - Advanced Life Skills

That’s so true Steve. Once you make the mental shift there is still a logical series of steps required to see it through to success.



True Steve, we love the idea and may have an inward burning desire but fear overcomes our creativity.


Jonathan - Advanced Life Skills

Hey Crocker, you got that right. For the most part, it is the fear that keeps people clinging to the false security of the time clock.


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