How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality part 4

how beliefs create reality part 4

If our beliefs create our reality, doesn’t that open up a whole world of possibilities? So, the next question we should be asking ourselves is: “What kind of reality have I created?”

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Simply by asking that question we are actually accomplishing two important steps. First, we are acknowledging our creative ability, and at the same time, we are accepting responsibility for current reality.

In parts 1-3 of this series we examined several fundamental ways in which our beliefs influence our reality. One thing that should be abundantly clear by now is the fact that the quality of our life is a reflection of the quality of our beliefs about who we are, and what we are capable of.

Knowing that empowering beliefs create a desirable reality, and limiting beliefs do the opposite, is a good place to start. Obviously, the next step needs to be learning how to eliminate the beliefs that don’t serve us, and replace them with beliefs that do. Which brings us to…

Part 4: Upgrading Your Beliefs

There is an essential first step that must be taken before we can even think about upgrading our beliefs. Do you know what that step is? It’s simple really, we need to identify our current beliefs and figure out which ones need an upgrade.

On the surface, this sounds easy enough. But beliefs are shrouded in all kinds of confusing disguises. In fact, have you ever noticed that the word lie is at the center of the word belief? So, how do we get around the deceptive power of our limiting beliefs?

Look at the results!

The easiest way to identify our own limiting beliefs is to look at the results they produce. Any area in our life where we are producing good results is probably anchored to an empowering belief. Likewise, any area in our life that is plagued with unsatisfactory or frustrating results is likely anchored to a limiting belief.

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The results we produce always reveal the underlying beliefs. Now it’s time to examine and list those areas, along with the beliefs and feelings that support them. These areas are currently emotional liabilities. They are the beliefs that limit you, and need to be changed.

Identifying your limiting beliefs

Apply the following 7 questions to every area of your life that leaves you feeling limited, incompetent, unqualified or afraid. Make a list that includes the unfulfilling activity, and the limiting belief associated with the negative feelings behind it.

1) What do you feel you are not very good at, and why do you think that is so?
2) What areas of your life leave you feeling incompetent or unqualified and why?
3) What new activity are you afraid to try, but would like to? Why do you feel afraid?
4) What is your least favorite activity, and why do you dislike it so much?
5) In what area do you want to improve, and what do you feel is holding you back?
6) What do you avoid helping others with, and why do you feel unable to help them?
7) When you want to make a good impression, what do you try to hide, and why?

Dismantling these limiting beliefs

To begin dismantling your limiting beliefs, you need to link them to a painful, negative, emotional anchor. The more painful the anchor, the more effective it will be. Start by asking yourself some pointed questions about each belief such as:

1) What price have I paid because of believing this?
2) How is what I believe affecting me financially, physically and emotionally?
3) Why did I get anchored in this limiting belief to begin with?

Continuing to question the validity and consequences of any limiting belief will expose a wide array of negative emotional anchors for those beliefs. Once they come to represent pain, it becomes much easier to move away from them and move toward more empowering beliefs.

Look for empowering replacements

Next, ask yourself a few simple questions.
1) What would I have to believe in order to succeed in this area of my life?
2) What would I have to do differently in order to produce the results I want?
3) Which of my existing, empowering beliefs can I apply to these areas of my life?

As you answer these 3 questions, allow yourself to develop a sense of certainty that, by changing your beliefs, you will be able to produce positive results. Make a list of these new beliefs so you have them as a reference. Review this list often, especially if you find yourself slipping into a negative mindset.

Look for improved results

Adopting these new empowering beliefs will change the results you produce. In turn, being alert to those changes will help reinforce and validate your new beliefs. Soon, your new beliefs will be totally accepted into your subconscious and be reflected in your new internal map of reality.

Editors note: This is the forth in a five part series of articles about
How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality .
Here is a list of the subjects we are examining:
Part 1: What We Believe to Be True
Part 2: Your Internal Map of Reality
Part 3: Defending Your Beliefs
Part 4: Upgrading Your Beliefs

Part 5: Beyond the Map

I hope you are enjoying this series so far. In part 5, Beyond the Map, we are going to look at the amazing possibilities that exist at the next level of creating your reality.

Did you discover any hidden Limiting beliefs?
Do you agree that your beliefs create your reality?
The lines are open!

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