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How You Can Help Advanced Life Skills

I’ve been asked many times by our readers what they can do to help support this blog. So, I wanted to share a few possibilities with you.

But first, allow me to say how much I truly value you as a reader. I consider it a privilege to have such a wide audience of loyal readers and subscribers. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. I know how valuable your time is and I want to thank you for being willing to spend some of it here.

3 ways you can help

1) Tell your friends. If you enjoy this blog, please share it with your friends. This is one important way to help support Advanced Life Skills. It’s also a nice way to help your friends improve the quality of their lives, and meet the many challenges we all face in this crazy world.

2) Leave comments. Another meaningful way to offer your support is to provide feedback by leaving meaningful comments. I feel that comments are the life blood of this blog. When you express your thoughts or feelings it opens up the channels of communication between us. That is really what blogging is all about.

3) Donate. Giving has power. If you want to help support this blog in a monetary way, your gifts are most welcome. Please note, I am not asking for donations, simply making it  possible for you to do so, if you wish. Be assured, any contribution, regardless of size, is deeply appreciated.

Thanks for your help and generous support,


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Jonathan, thanks so much for so many great articles and all the wisdom you share with people. All the best to you.



Thanks Jonathan! Such great information and words of wisdom. I visited your face book page. Always enjoy the story about the mule!!



Very nice blog, words of wisdom that immediately capture the mind and the heart. I rarely do buy online books, but I felt this is the right thing for me to do this time so I bought the book straight away, I am sure it will help me a lot in addition to this blog. God bless you and keep up the good work.


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