Use Body Language to Instantly Influence Others

body language

Do you realize that you have at your disposal the power to change the state of those around you in an instant? I am not just talking about people that you know, but also people you have only seen once and that you have never even talked to. Yes, you can change the state of a complete stranger in a moment, from a distance. That’s a lot of power, don’t you think?

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Before we explore this remarkable source of influence, let’s consider a few basic facts about human communication.

Some possibilities

Most of us tend to focus on our verbal communication skills, and that’s reasonable. After all, being able to express yourself accurately, and convey your thoughts in an understandable way, is a very valuable skill. We have all been touched to the heart by well-crafted words, and we highly value that ability. It makes no difference whether they come from a great public speaker; a captivating author or a dear friend; words have the ability to touch our lives.

But we are not talking about words today. The reason is, because in order for words to be able to touch somebody’s life, they either need to hear them or read them. Remember though, I said we could do this from a distance without talking to the other person.

Can you think of a way to do that without words?

How about body language? Our body language definitely affects the way others view us, in fact, it also affects the way we view ourselves. Yes, body language conveys an important subconscious message to everyone who sees us.

So body language is definitely a powerful means of communication, but it doesn’t necessarily change the state of others. What it does do is influence their perception of us as a person. As important as our words and body language are, they still don’t have the power to change the mental state of someone who sees us from a distance.

What’s left?

How about our external trappings? You know, our clothes, the car we drive, the cost of our wristwatch or jewelry, and things like that. Those things certainly get other people’s attention, don’t they? In reality though, aren’t they just an extension of our body language?

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They may convey a message about our financial status, or level of credit card debt, but that’s about the extent of it. Besides, we are not talking about changing people’s perception of us, are we? No, we’re talking about finding a way to change their mental state.

Any more ideas?

Imagine that you are walking down the street and you make eye contact with someone who looks sad or depressed. What would it take to add a shot of joy to their life instantly? What could you do in a moment, without a word, that would help them feel better right now?

What if the tables were turned? Imagine that you are the one walking down the street feeling blue, and someone else makes eye contact with you from 20 feet away. What could that person do to help you feel better in an instant?

Did you figure it out yet?

The answer is really very simple and yet frequently overlooked. Here’s how you can use the influence of your body language to instantly change their state. Look them straight in the eyes and give them a warm, sincere smile.

That’s it, smiling at other people has the power to change their focus and lift their spirits in an instant of time. It forms an immediate connection between you and them, and sends a powerful message of good will. It’s a friendly little gesture that can reach clear across a room and touch the heart of a complete stranger. That’s pretty powerful!

Think about this tiny expression of your body language!

How do you react when you are just going about your day, and someone you don’t even know smiles at you for no apparent reason? You probably smile back, right? It’s a natural reaction.

How does exchanging smiles with someone make you feel? You do feel better, don’t you? Smiling is a simple form of body language that makes everybody feel better immediately. That’s a pretty wonderful ability to have at your disposal, don’t you think?

Feel better while helping others to feel better too

So what are you going to do about it? Why not use this power liberally to improve your life and the lives of those around you? Go ahead, exercise this great power every chance you get and see if it doesn’t transform the quality of your life.

Liberally using the power from this tiny little expression of your body language will change the way others respond to you. People will be attracted to you like a magnet, and they probably won’t even know why. But you will know why, and you will feel good about it. In fact, it will probably make you smile!

Do you think that there is power in your smile?
When someone smiles at you, do you smile back?
Can you make better use of  this form of body language?
Are you smiling now?

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