Fear and How to Deal With Your Hidden Feelings

fear and your hidden feelings

Are you in touch with your fears, or have you hidden them in the dark recesses of your subconscious mind? We all harbor certain fears, and it can be an uncomfortable experience to pull them out into the open.

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Does it bother you to talk about your fears? Do you ever feel like you are the only one with those feelings? Would you be willing to coax those fears out of hiding if there was a chance of getting rid of them once and for all?

Everyone is afraid of something

At some point in time we have all allowed our fears to get the best of us. Lately, the economic uncertainty and the related challenges have become an emotional breeding ground for new feelings of fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Can you relate to this?

Most hidden fears are some combination of guilt and panic. Why those two feelings? Well, let’s take the fear created by economic uncertainty as an example. If, because of unavoidable circumstances, you have lost your income and others depend on you, then it is easy to feel guilty for letting them down.  On top of that, it’s easy for feelings of panic to creep in because you can’t figure out a way to remedy the situation. See what I mean about guilt and panic, they are a deadly combination.

Drag those fearful feelings into the light

Here is something you need to remember, fearful energy is like a fungus that grows in darkness. As long as your feelings of  fear reside in the dark recesses of your subconscious mind they will continue to grow. If something isn’t done to correct the situation you may eventually begin to feel paralyzed by those feelings.

The way to combat the malignant growth of fearful energy is to stop avoiding it and pull it into the light where it can be examined and dealt with. Granted, this can feel extremely intimidating, but it’s nothing compared to the adverse effects of allowing those fearful feelings to continue expanding unchecked.

Fear runs on an emotional power source

Even though your fears are usually related to some personal challenge, they are not the same. Fear is an emotional response to the challenge, but it has an adverse effect on your ability to deal with the challenge in a resourceful way. That’s why the fearful feelings need to be dealt with first.

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As long as your fears remain in hiding they are protected by a shield of negative emotional armor. Once you gather the courage to pull them out into the open that shield weakens and becomes vulnerable to your powers of reason and logic. Now you can use questions to whittle those fearful feelings down to size.

1) How does it serve me to allow these feelings into my life?
2) Does holding this fear help me overcome my challenge?
3) Is there any logical reason not to let go of this fear?
4) Can I choose to reframe the fear energy into motivation?
5) Can I do that right now?

What just happened? With just a few logical questions you have stopped a giant energy leak and made those resources available for finding a solution to your challenge. Yes, the challenge is still there, but now you are in a much more resourceful state to deal with it. From here, make a plan to deal with the challenge and start taking action. The more action you take the more resourceful and less fearful you will be.

Be proactive when dealing with your feelings of fear

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes: When left unchecked it can put a stranglehold on our lives and relationships. When we are under the influence of fear it robs us of the very resources that can help us overcome the underlying problem. Clearly, leaving your fears alone does not mean that they will leave you alone. Better to deal with them.

Hidden fear can have a paralyzing effect on your life, and it can surface when you least expect it. A life of true happiness and security is only possible if we have the courage to face our fears and overcome them. I hope this information has been helpful.

Are you currently dealing with any hidden fears?
Did you discover something that needs to be dealt with?
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