Harness the Power of Decisions

power of decisions

There is a profound distinction between people who make the majority of their decisions consciously and those who merely go with the flow.

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Your future is shaped by the decisions you are making right now and the life you lead today is a result of the decisions you made in the past. Realizing that should move us all to reach out and…

Harness the Power of Our Decisions

Let’s take this out for a spin

Do you have areas in your life that are stalled because a decision needs to be made? Have you been postponing making that decision? Have you given up on any of your goals because your decision didn’t produce the result you were looking for the first time? Now would probably be an excellent time to put all of that in the past. Why not start today?

Making the decision to do something about it right now is often times the hardest step in achieving your goals and going after your dreams. If you have been avoiding the decision making process, why not break through that barrier right here and now? Let’s walk through it together.

Simplify the decision making process

Take a few minutes to think of some area of your life that has been on hold because a decision needs to be made. It could be starting an exercise routine, a goal that’s been on the back burner for awhile, a skill you have been wanting to learn, or anything else that you’ve been meaning to get to. Just pick one!

Next, evaluate what it is you intend to accomplish and give yourself three possible ways to take action. Quickly think about your motives and the consequences of each choice. Okay, go ahead and pick the one that you feel will produce the best long-term result.

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Don’t get over analytical about it; in your heart you know which choice is the right one, so go ahead and make it. The right path might not be the easiest. Don’t sabotage your results by choosing the easy way out.

Fortify your decision with a commitment

Now make a total commitment to follow through on your decision. Then start taking immediate action. Continue taking action and making adjustments until you achieve your intended result. You don’t need to know every detail of the process before you begin. Taking action helps you find solutions, so go ahead and get started.

Congratulations, you have just taken control of your life. The more often you practice making decisions and follow through on them, the more skilled you will become at it. Every decision you make will move you in the direction you want to go as long as you make a total commitment and take consistent action.

Have you been empowered after making a decision?
Do you hesitate to back up your decisions with a commitment?
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