From Imagination to Realization – Bridging the Gap


Your Imagination is one of your greatest personal assets. It is a window into the world of possibility, and a powerful force toward the realization of a happier, more fulfilling life. When used purposefully, your imagination becomes the trigger of your creative abilities.

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Without imagination we would never venture outside the box. Our reality would only exist within the confines of the status quo. What we tend to label as “fantasizing” is really a vital first step toward the realization of your dreams. Fantasy is a primary way that your imagination projects itself into the future and opens your mind to new possibilities.

The pressure to stifle your imagination

We should acknowledge the fact that, in our culture, there is some “not so subtle” pressure to limit our imaginations and  abandon our fantasies. While we generally encourage the cultivation of a fertile imagination in our children, that changes as we leave childhood.

At some point we are expected to put away those “unrealistic” fantasies and pick up the torch of reality. Which really means, get a normal job and take your expected place in the real world. This pressure makes it challenging for your imagination to play its role in the realization of your dreams.

Keeping your imagination alive

You have incredible creative powers, and no one can take that from you unless you let them. Your imagination is the gateway to the realization of your dreams. Instead of abandoning it, you should continue to develop this wonderful creative force as you get older.

There is never a point where your life would be better off by denying your creative abilities. You will need to exercise balance with regard to current responsibilities, but this does not require that you abandon your dreams. There is always a way to do both.

Bridging the gap between imagination and realization

At first, the creations of your imagination exist only in the non-physical world. Before they can become part of your physical reality, you must start the realization process. This means that you must begin introducing them to their tangible counterparts.

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Let’s look at some of the steps that will allow you to put a tangible face on your imaginary realities. I think you will be amazed at how easy this process really is. The key is to take your vision through a series of stages, one by one, until it becomes fully realized.

1. Write it down. What have you imagined? What does this fantasy look like, and how does it influence your existence? Describe it in detail. As you write allow the details to add clarity to your vision. If some important aspect is unclear, read your description and then close your eyes a concentrate on what you see.

Tell me your fantasies and I will show you your dreams.
Write them down and I will read you your future. ~Jonathan Wells

The goal here is to put you mental image, and the feelings connected with it, into words that accurately describe your vision. The written word will introduce your fantasy to the physical world. It will now live in black and white on a sheet of paper that you can carry around and read whenever and wherever you want.

2. Define the sequence. Every vision has a logical sequence to its realization. Let’s use a home in the country as an example. First you need to decide if it’s a home you want to build, or one that already exists. If you are going to build it (or have it built) then the sequence would involve a piece of property, a house plan, permits, site preparation, etc. Each sequential step will require a certain amount of time and /or money.

If you want to buy an existing home, then you need to figure out where to begin your search. Does it need to be near a city that will support your work? Does it need to have room for raising horses or some other special purpose? How much money do you need for a down payment? Answering these questions will allow you to see what comes first in the realization sequence.

3. Create a plan of action. Once you have defined the sequence, make a plan. What can you do right now to start actively moving toward the realization of your vision? What will you do next? Figure out how to start unfolding this new reality.

You will probably discover extra steps along the way, but don’t worry about that now. Figure out a tentative plan and write it down. The most important thing is to get the ball moving in the right direction without getting bogged down in too many details.

4. Start taking action. Action is now the key component for realization. Find something to do and start doing it. If you want that cute little house in the country, start looking. If you need more money to make it happen, figure out how to start making more money.

Don’t let the lack of money keep you from continuing your search. Looking is free and it keeps the vision alive. It also keeps your mind motivated to find a solution to the money aspect. If you are going to build a house, start drawing up floor plans and figure out what style you want. Do this while you continue to look for property. Keep taking action so your mind stays focused on your vision.

With action comes clarity, purpose, and direction. ~Jonathan Wells

5. Keep track of your progress. One of the things that can help us stay motivated during this process is to continually acknowledge our progress. Every single time you accomplish even the tiniest goal, write it down, check it off, and celebrate your progress. Give yourself credit for bringing your vision that much closer to realization.

Make sure you always take time to acknowledge your accomplishments along the way. To continue the realization process just keep your vision alive in your imagination, keep adding clarity to it, and keep taking action in the right direction.

It all starts in your imagination

The seeds of creativity live in your imagination. If you nurture those seeds and help them grow, you will be tapping into your true creative nature.

Never relegate your fantasies to the storage closet. They hold the power of a new reality. The reason we fantasize is because our creative nature is showing us a glimpse of future possibilities. For your dreams to become your reality, you need only bridge the gap between imagination and realization.

Can you really turn your imagination into your reality?
Are you ready to bridge that gap so you can realize your fantasies?
The lines are open!

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