Empowering Belief Systems

empowering beliefs

What kind of belief systems are truly empowering?  Which ones will help us to reach our goals and succeed in improving the quality of our life?

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The answer is simple really, belief systems that empower us to make positive changes.  This would include beliefs that allow us to change how we feel about things, and those that allow us to change our own behavior.

Belief systems and perception

Feelings and behavior define who we are as a person.  Most of the time our behavior is just the outward manifestation of our feelings, and our feelings are a reflection of how we view things through the window of our beliefs.

Is the glass half full or half empty?  Was that person trying to insult me or are they just running low on resources?  Is this challenge a bummer or an opportunity?  The answers really depend upon how we choose to sort information and view circumstances through the filters of our belief systems.

If we are empowered by our beliefs then we would have an optimistic feeling about the first question, a compassionate view of the second question, and think of possibilities in regard to the third question.  Both our feelings and our behavior, in relation to these 3 questions, would show that our beliefs actually empower us.

The belief and behavior connection

One of the easiest ways to nudge our belief systems in a more positive direction is to use reverse neuro-conditioning.  This is a system where we change our behavior to produce a positive effect on our feelings.  As our feelings become more positive so does the structure of our belief systems about who we are and what we are capable of.

Here’s an example of how I have used this simple technique in my own life with great results.  Years ago when people would ask me; “how are you?” I thought it was humorous to answer, “pretty good for an old guy.”  One day I stopped to consider the consequences of that reply on my nervous system.  I recognized that I could actually be programming myself for premature aging.  So I changed.

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Now when someone asks me; “how are you?” my reply is, “absolutely fantastic.”  Every time I use that reply I reinforce my internal viewpoint about how I feel, and the truth is I feel fantastic. Normally our feelings are a reflection of our beliefs and our behavior is a reflection of our feelings.  I chose to reverse this process. I conditioned my feelings and altered my belief systems using my behavior.

Behavior, the fast track to feelings

This is actually a very simple process with its scientific basis in quantum physics.  Our words create a vibration, which affects our thoughts and feelings.  If we continue to generate that vibration our internal programming will rearrange itself accordingly.  Or we could just call it the power of positive suggestion.

I encourage you to try this simple technique in any area of your life.  Use empowering words, thoughts and feelings to create empowering belief systems. It’s easy, it’s fun and you can start immediately.

Does this sound too simple?
Have you ever tried this approach?
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