Designing a Personal Transformation

personal transformation

What exactly is a personal transformation? The dictionary says that transformation is the act or process of being transformed.  So we are talking about change, but what kind of change?

Well, it could be anything from subtle changes in our personality to a complete, personal metamorphosis.

What do you want to change?

Maybe we want to change the way we look. Perhaps we feel that losing 10 or 15 pounds, and getting back in shape, would make a big difference.

We may want to change the way we relate to other people. Perhaps we feel that our life would be a more positive experience, if we could just improve the quality of our relationships. In other words, we want to develop more people skills.

Many people are hurting because of the economic downturn, and consequently, they are looking for a positive financial change, a financial transformation.

What does personal transformation mean to you?

When you think about a personal transformation, what comes to your mind?

Most of us probably think of some radical, all-encompassing change in a positive direction. We might think of elevating the quality of our whole life to an unprecedented degree.

That sounds really good, doesn’t it?

But, is such a radical personal transformation within the realm of reality, or is it just something to dream about? And, if it were within the realm of reality, what kinds of life skills would be required to pull it off?

What does a personal transformation involve?

Since a personal transformation is an ongoing process, obviously it requires some kind of systematic approach. A caterpillar does not become a butterfly by accident. Such a major transformation happens over a period of time, and involves a series of essential steps.

Doesn’t it seem logical that successfully elevating the quality of our life to an unprecedented degree would require a similar process? To achieve a personal transformation there are, in fact, certain essential steps that must be followed in the correct order. If we skip a step, or change the order, we won’t get the same results.

This does not necessarily mean the process is difficult. Making a cake requires a similar process, and yet, millions of people are capable of doing it. They simply follow a recipe that tells them what to do, and what order to do it in.

Think about this next question carefully?

What if you had a personal transformation recipe? Would you be willing to follow it?

If you had never made a cake before, would you try it without a recipe? If you did, what do you think would be your chances of success? How long would it take before you finally happened on the correct ingredients, and the right sequence?

Most of us are smart enough to realize the folly of such an approach.

Now, let’s apply that reasoning to creating a personal transformation. Are we fumbling around in the kitchen trying to figure out what comes next, or are we following a recipe?

Designing a personal transformation is a lot more involved than making a cake. But, don’t be overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of such a challenge. It’s not as difficult as you might think, once you have the recipe.

When do you want it?

Life is far too short, and far too valuable to waste time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, especially if we don’t have to. The sooner we learn the life skills we need, the faster we will get the results we truly want.

Once we have a systematic approach, and know how to apply the skills we have learned, life becomes a whole new experience. Struggle is replaced by welcome challenges, and frustration gives way to purpose and satisfaction.

Regardless of what we want to change, a true personal transformation always begins on the inside. Once we become the person we want to be on the inside, our world rearranges itself accordingly. It doesn’t matter whether we want to be thinner, happier, richer, healthier, or all of those things, it always starts on the inside.

What can you do about it?

If you’re tired of fumbling around, looking for the answers, and wondering what comes next, now is a perfect chance to turn things around. Please, do yourself a favor – take a look at the personal transformation recipe.

What area of your like would you like to transform?
How long have you felt that way?
The lines are open!

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  1. Mike King May 6, 2010 Reply

    I definitely agree with this Jonathan and am actually shocked to know so many people jump into major change events without such a recipe. Same for many people who get married, or new parents. Similar situations occur there and everyone should look for those recipes before hand so they know what to expect, know what to work on and focus on and can ask for help and support where they are going to need it.

    • Jonathan May 7, 2010 Reply

      Hi Mike, you are absolutely right. Some areas like marriage and parenting are very obvious examples where we see the sad consequences of doing first and thinking later. So much wasted effort and emotional pain could be avoided be checking things out ahead of time.

      People tend to “hope” things will get better rather that taking a systematic approach. I believe that armed with the right knowledge and a sound plan we can accomplish almost anything. There is plenty of knowledge available, we just need to take it in and then follow through.

  2. Steven Aitchison May 7, 2010 Reply

    Hi Jonathan. I have to tell you that I have read your book when you first published it and I still dip into it from time to time when I am doing research on personal change and I always get something new from it.

    We all need a recipe to change our lives for the better and writers like yourself have provided us with the recipe. The only issue you might have is getting the message out to the masses because, typically, when caring people write something they don’t want to brag about it and publicise the fact that they have written a great book. I want to help you shout it from the roof tops and say that this book is one of the best.

    • Jonathan May 7, 2010 Reply

      WOW, what a kind endorsement Steve. I am getting ready to release a more detailed home study program that takes the concepts in TRUE SELF to the nexk level. I really want to help everyone who is really serious about making a personal transformation with a proven, step-by-step process for making it happen.

      On a personal note, let me just say that your support and encouragement mean the world to me. You are a true friend and I deeply value our friendship.

  3. Edward May 7, 2010 Reply

    As of my experience changing yourself is one of the hardest thing to do (for the first time at least), but a certain key to achieving your goals.

    • Jonathan May 7, 2010 Reply

      Hey Edward, when we don’t know what works and what doesn’t, everything is hard. That’s why I used the illustration of baking a cake. If I went in the kitchen and tried to bake a cake (or anything else), it would be a disaster. But if I had the recipe, the right ingredients, and someone walking me through it, it would be easy. Personal change is the same way.

  4. Amit Sodha May 7, 2010 Reply

    Hi Jonathan. I like this idea. I often wondered though what if I think I am doing the right things, I feel like I’ve added the right ingredients, I’ve tweaked and tweaked, and I’m still not getting the kind of results I’d like. What then?

    • Jonathan May 7, 2010 Reply

      Great question Amit. That’s why even life coaches have coaches. We need to benefit from the cumulative knowledge and experience of other people. Trying to figure everything out ourselves is noble, but not very efficient.

      It’s okay to get help! In fact, it’s better than okay, it’s the smart thing to do. No matter what we are trying to accomplish in life, someone else has been there, done that. Not tapping into that wisdom is crazy.

      The other thing we need to acknowledge is that gathering up bits and pieces of the puzzle doesn’t always get us where we want to go. For example, much of the information in my book is also in the 400+ articles on this blog. But even if you read them all, it wouldn’t be the same as working through the book. Why not?

      Because the book is in a step-by-step format. There are written exercises to help you get clear on one step before moving to the next. It’s like the cake illustration. Everything needs to happen in sequence. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of ingredients. Life is short my friend, get the recipe!

      • Amit Sodha May 13, 2010 Reply

        How simple, just ask for help. I like that and what you said about the recipe reminds of syntax when it comes to comedy, changing the order of words can be the difference between getting no laughs and getting a roar of laughter!

  5. Nea May 7, 2010 Reply

    This is such a wonderful post. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have a big goal without any idea how to accomplish it. Planning takes a little work, but having that recipe is often key to making sure the outcome is in alignment with your desires.

    • Jonathan May 7, 2010 Reply

      Well said Nea. The bigger and more significant the goal, the greater the value of planning. We can make the best use of our time and energy when we know where we are going and what it takes to get there.

  6. Zeenat May 7, 2010 Reply

    Hi Jonathan,
    I totally agree with Steven here. Your book is truly so awesome! I have my little research spells and almost always dig in and find something there that inspires me and motivates me to be the best ME possible.
    I am a fan of transformation……somehow its one of the most life altering journeys you can take. But, for me its more with baby steps, than just pushing myself too hard. I’ve noticed when I am harsh with myself I end up getting frustrated. Where as gentle baby steps make the journey worth staying on.
    Am soon gonna be reviewing your book on my blog :)
    Much Love,

    • Jonathan May 7, 2010 Reply

      Hi Z, it feels so rewarding to get such positive feedback from people that I totally respect in the same field. Thank you for you kind expressions, it’s very encouraging!

  7. Robin Easton May 10, 2010 Reply

    Dear Jonathan,

    I love your book because of the WAY you share and write, because of your bottom line, no fuss, easy to assimilate wisdom! It is just so dang grounded. Like YOU!

    I also found this post fascinating in another way. It made me see more clearly my own path, which wasn’t systematic or orderly, nor did I have any outside guidance or input other than the wild world I lived with. Nor did I set about thinking I wanted to change. I didn’t even know what “transformation” was or that I needed to transform. LOLOL!! (Tells you where I was at.)

    At the time, I fell in love with my now ex-husband, moved to Australia, ended up in the Australian rainforest, was very ill in more ways that I can list here. And then when I discovered that the rainforest meant deadly snakes, bird eating spiders, poisonous jellyfish, crocodiles, feral boars, potentially dangerous cassowaries, stinging trees, leeches, and more, I wanted to run back to Maine, but I was already too madly in love my with husband, AND didn’t have enough money to leave Oz. LOL!!

    Sooo, in essence life lured me into an adventure that was, at first, not at all what I thought I was getting into, but later became exactly what I needed to totally heal and transform myself in every possible way.

    The fact that I was ill, had no money, was a gazillion miles away from all I’d ever known, and really had almost no recourse…forced me to let go of everything I’d learned, turn to myself and rebuild Robin from the ground up. I could be whatever I wanted. So I explored all possibilities until I found myself. I tried on ways of being, thinking and living, in the same way people try on shoes. It was a wild free-for-all time of my life that transformed me from black to white or asleep to awake, ill to healthy. And, as you say, transformation is an on going process that never ends.

    I’m sure you relate, form your own time in the wild, because whether you write directly about the wild or not, that wisdom you gained back then is reflected in the way you teach others. I noticed it immediately in you and in your book when I first met you and read, “TRUE SELF.” It makes you stand out in a most refreshing way. Before you told me, I KNEW that there was something deep and VERY “Outside the Box” about your life experience.

    It is only now that I tend to take in outside insight, like your advice about no multi-tasking. That changed my life. Along with many other insights you share here. Thank you my dear friend. It is SO good to be here today and read your beautiful grounded writing.


    PS Oops! I was verbose, yet again. LOL!! :)

    • Jonathan May 10, 2010 Reply

      Hello Robin, what a thrill to see you here. I often feel that those of us who took the long way around have a burning desire to help others find life’s little short cuts.

      There is nothing greater than the gift of time. Anytime we can learn form the journey of others it creates a huge time advantage. It is extremely gratifying to pass on a process that makes progress faster and more reliable, while also taking some of the pot holes out of the road.

      I love the journey and want everyone to enjoy theirs as much as have. Experience truly is the best teacher, but we can learn so much from the experiences of those who have walked the path before us. It’s a priceless heritage of knowledge.

      How’s this for irony, I wrote this and then discovered that the links to by my book have been down for over a week. You just never know where the next curve ball will come from! Lot’s of positive energy coming at you.

  8. Farnoosh May 11, 2010 Reply

    A little book of transformation is brilliant, Jonathan. I think your approach and perspective reminds me of Stephen Covey (That is a compliment as I regard Covey’s 7 Habits pretty highly). I need to make time for your book (perhaps that’s one of the issues you address ;))! Great choice of word: Transformation…..although I really like what I am, I prefer to think of it as evolution to the best version of me yet……

    • Jonathan May 11, 2010 Reply

      Hi Farnoosh, yeah, I’m like Stephen Covey with hair! (ha ha :)). When I think of transformation, it reminds me of a caterpillar turning into a moth or butterfly. It’s a slow process that takes place internally, but it also produces very obvious external results. Unlike that caterpillar though, we can choose the direction of our transformation.

      Evolution works fine too, although we can experience rapid and dramatic change when we make a significant personal development discovery. Those special ah ha moments are wonderful.

      By the way Farnoosh, I really like the person you are also! Now that I think about it, I guess the term “transformation” could imply some level of dislike with regard to our present self. I hadn’t really thought about it from that angle.

  9. Igor May 14, 2010 Reply

    Jon, I am hoping this book can reach a world wide audience. All the best to you and thanks again for nice articles.

    • Jonathan May 20, 2010 Reply

      Hi Igor, actually TRUE SELF is available world wide through the various distributors like Amazon. It is truly gratifying to see it reach such a vast number of readers and to get their wonderful feedback.

      Thanks for your kindness!

  10. Jonathan May 19, 2010 Reply

    TRUE SELF is a brilliant book that inspires, guides and contains all the wisdom required to take the transformation journey and realize the dream of becoming a changed person. Some days I think I am moving forward only to realize later that I have lost my sense of direction. Your book reminds me that every journey begins with a single step and it provides the encouragement and direction I need to keep making progress by taking a single step at a time.

    • Jonathan May 20, 2010 Reply

      Hi TT, it’s usually during our down periods that we take the necessary time to look deep within ourselves. Chances are, you are busy sorting out important core issues. It may feel like lost time, but I think you will emerge from this experience with increased clarity and strength. Lot’s of positive energy coming your way my friend.

  11. dr mp gupta June 14, 2011 Reply

    To aspire to know beyond knowing can lead to a personal transformation and your method to that state of mind is highly affective. I think it can help all of us caterpillars who want to become butterflies and much more.

  12. Sarah Arrow September 3, 2012 Reply

    Wow, what a post. Until reading I thought change / transformation was a fast thing after all the caterpillar isn’t transforming forever, right? It’s a few days of intense change and then he’s a butterfly. But them, his purpose has always been to become a butterfly and the change process is slow and gradual and not as it looks on the surface.

    It’s about looking at your change with a deep look and not a glance, and seeing the beauty in each step.

  13. Ken Wert December 26, 2012 Reply

    I love this line, Jonathan: “Struggle is replaced by welcome challenges, and frustration gives way to purpose and satisfaction.” I think that this single attitudinal transformation–seeing hardship as challenges to learn from and overcome, that build moral and emotional muscles we haven’t used much before–changes life in profoundly transformative ways. The rest is figuring out the whats and hows of the transformation. That’s where you do such a service by providing the how-to of change.

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