Get Ready for a Big Gratitude Reality Check

gratitude reality check

Do you see yourself as someone who gets along well with others and makes a valuable contribution to all those around you? Have you ever felt a little shortchanged by your lot in life? How would you rate your personal level of gratitude?

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Sometimes our view of reality is a bit skewed because we see life from our own unique little vantage point. And isn’t it amazing how all of that can change in a big hurry when we take time for a gratitude reality check?

That’s what I want to offer you today, a reality check by means of a perspective shift where you take a closer look at your level of gratitude with regard to your relative position on this planet.

Shrinking the world changes our perspective

Perhaps if the whole world were a small village of 100 people it would be a lot easier to see firsthand what’s really going on with the human race. When we think in terms of global population the big numbers tend to distort our ability to comprehend things.

The reality and proportions of any given situation are generally easier to comprehend when we shrink things down to a number that we can relate to.

The purpose of this gratitude reality check

This information is intended only as a gratitude reality check that will hopefully give most of us some legitimate reasons to feel a huge surge of gratitude for the life we live. And I think that we can all agree that gratitude is a wonderful. Isn’t it true that the more gratitude we feel, the better our life feels?

Perhaps reading this will move us all to look for ways to contribute more to the human family. Conscious awareness, compassion, and fellow feeling are an important first step toward solving any problem and this is especially true of big problems. Gratitude helps us manifest all of those other feelings.

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Here’s the scenario for our Gratitude reality check

If we could reduce the world’s population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all existing human ratios remaining the same, the demographics would look something like this:

The village would have 60 Asians, 14 Africans, 12 Europeans, 8 Latin Americans, 5 from the USA and Canada, and 1 from the South Pacific.

This is how things would pencil out

* 51 would be male, 49 would be female
* 82 would be non-white; 18 white
* 67 would be non-Christian; 33 would would consider themselves Christian
* 80 would live in substandard housing
* 67 would be unable to read
* 50 would be malnourished and 1 dying of starvation
* 33 would be without access to a safe water supply
* 39 would lack access to improved sanitation
* 24 would have no electricity; 60 would have limited electricity
* 7 people would have access to the Internet. (You’re in that minority)
* 1 would have a college education
* 1 would have HIV
* 2 would be near birth; 1 near death
* 5 would control 32% of the entire world’s wealth; all 5 would be US citizens
* 33 would be attempting to live on only 3% of the income of the entire village

How is your reality looking now?

No matter who you are, when you look over this list and consider your situation, you can probably see a plenty of reasons to feel a lot of gratitude for the life you live. I know that I sure do!

How’s your situation looking now?
What did this gratitude reality check do for you?
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