Belief Systems – Part 1

by Jonathan

Belief Systems - Part 1

Whether we realize it or not, our personal belief system plays a huge role in how we view success.  What do I mean by the phrase belief systems?

I am talking about a structured process by which we evaluate everything in our lives.  We develop our own personal system of beliefs based on how we interpret the world around us according to our observations and experiences.

Where logic and emotion meet

There are two major components or aspects that contribute to our personal beliefs.  There is an emotional component and a logical component.  In some cases, a belief system may start out much like a theory where assumptions are made based on logical observations and deductions.  In other cases it may grow out of an emotional viewpoint that seems to be supported by logic.

The blending of these two major components forms the foundation of our personal belief system. We employ this belief system as we try to make sense out of the things going on around us, and form assumptions about probable future results.  Once established, belief systems exert a powerful influence on our ability to achieve success in life.

Patterns and conclusions

Belief systems can be empowering or disabling.  They can be built on optimism or pessimism.  Our beliefs determines what we think we are capable of, or not capable of.  We create our own belief system based on the conclusions we draw from the experiences we have and the results we produce.

This is the primary reason why successful people can continue to be successful even in the face of overwhelming odds.  When your efforts produce a successful result, it becomes a successful experience.  When you combine several successful experiences you establish a pattern, a pattern of success.

We respond according to our belief systems

Once you have established a pattern of success you develop the emotional viewpoint of a successful person, this becomes your belief system.  Because your actions have produced successful results in the past, you have every reason to believe that they will produce successful results in the future.  This is an empowering belief system that will fill you with optimism and courage.

What if our efforts in the past have not produced the results we intended?  What if they have produced a limiting belief system rather than a successful one?  Is there a way to change our belief system?  We will address these questions in part 2.

Belief Systems – Part 2
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Success Facilitator

You cannot effectively change anything until you first identify what it is and then take action to effect the change that is anticipated. With that said your first option is to identify your belief systems. And article points us in that direction.


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