The Mindset and Motives of Giving

what are your motives for giving

When it comes to the simple act of giving motives and mindset really matter. Many of us are unconsciously so self-centered that everything we do, even within our closest relationships, is actually bartering rather than unconditional giving. This can be true even when we are dealing with ourselves as I pointed out in an article called What Do You Think You Deserve?

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We all realize that giving on any level feels really good, but internally all forms of giving are not created equal.  This is where motives come in. When we give with the expectation of receiving something in return, we are not really giving from a pure motive. But when we give from a generous heart, the joy of giving becomes its own reward.

What role does mindset play?

When you give from a generous heart you become part of a giant positive feedback loop grounded an abundance mindset. This is an empowering mindset that fuels both giving and receiving because their is no resistance involved. There is a free flow of the giving energy and it feels equally good on either end.

The opposite of abundance is a scarcity mindset. There is no real energy flow here because scarcity is about limits and resistance. Of course, in reality, there is rarely any scarcity, just unequal distribution. Hoarding and clinging come from this mindset, both of which create an extremely limiting perception of reality.

When your motive is giving from the heart and your mindset is one of abundance, that positive energy can come back to you in some very unpredictable ways. But remember, if you are giving simply to get something back, then you put limits on the ways that you can receive. You cannot be giving without expectation and be hoarding at the same time.

Some benefits of unselfish giving

Here are some ways that unselfish giving can have a beneficial effect on you.

1. Giving feels satisfying. When you give without wanting anything in return it opens up your heart to an enhanced sense of peace, love and joy. Because your motive is pure, your heart is free to experience giving at the highest level.

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2. Giving stimulates gratitude.  Giving without expectation will feed your abundance mindset and elevate your personal awareness of others. As a result, you will feel increasing levels of compassion and gratitude simultaneously.

3. Giving attracts giving. What you put into the world has a powerful influence on what you receive. This is part of that part of that giant positive feedback loop grounded an abundance mindset that I mentioned.  Giving from a pure motive has a very positive influence on how you experience your world.

4. Giving makes you aware of limiting beliefs. When limiting beliefs are revealed in motives like selfishness and greed they are  exposed to your conscious awareness, then you can work on letting them go. If you are unaware of their existence, they remain active in your subconscious. If they continue unchecked, you may wind up attracting the exact opposite of what you want.

Giving from a generous heart and an abundance mindset

On some level it seems that we are all susceptible to the idea of scarcity. Having a scarcity mindset is like going through life trying to fill up a bag with a hole in the bottom. Hoarding creates scarcity because it is based on the perception that everything is limited and it ignores the amazing benefits of unselfish giving.

One of the best ways to say no to the mentality of scarcity is to actively seek out ways to make meaningful and unselfish contributions of your time, energy, and other resources. I encourage you to embrace a more empowering mindset and be determined to give without expectation.

How does giving without expectation feel to you?
Do you find it difficult to let go of expecting something in return?
The lines are open!

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