Aging, Can You Control It?

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When you think of aging, what comes to your mind? Does the term midlife worry you? Do you think about the loss of abilities, agility, and usefulness? Do you picture a body ravaged by time and a mind that is so forgetful I can barely function?

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That doesn’t paint a very pretty picture does it? And yet, that’s exactly the concept many people have about the aging process.

Why do they have such a pessimistic view of getting older? Well, sad to say there are a lot of living examples that fit that description. So naturally, that tends to be the picture people carry around in their minds. Okay, remind me, what do we call it when people carry around a mental image of something? Don’t we call that visualization?

Are you visualizing “older” in a negative way?

So, if you spend the 20 years between age 40 and 60 visualizing yourself getting old and decrepit, how is that going to influence your reality? I’ve seen this a lot, and I’ve seen the effect it has on people. And I’m telling you, you don’t need to go there.

I believe that most of the negative side effects people associate with the aging process can be minimized, or avoided completely. At the very least, they can be postponed for a very long time.

Redefining the aging process

I encourage you think about rejecting the popular concept of aging altogether, and to consider a completely different scenario. Doing this is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Why? Because your approach to the aging process will determine how you experience it.

I invite you to be open to the idea of completely changing your view of the future as it relates to aging. Doing so will allow you to see  a vast world of wonderful possibilities ahead. The fact is, aging is nothing more than the ultimate personal development quest.

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What does aging mean to you?
How much control do you have over the aging process?
The lines are open!

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