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get seenIn this world of savvy, informed consumers, most forms of advertising are losing their effectiveness. But in-context links built on targeted anchor text continue to produce excellent results because they encourage rather that coerce.

Of course, the greatest benefit is the fact that having a keyword specific link on a highly ranked website adds to your site’s authority ranking.

With a Google page rank 4 this is where Advanced Life Skills really shines. Every article (and even the site framework) is fully optimized for Google and the other big search engines. As a result,  they absolutely love this site and take notice of any site we link to.

Advanced Life Skills allows select advertisers to sponsor a word or phrase in existing articles as an anchor text link for advertising purposes. If it flows with the article we can even insert your preferred anchor text in the article. However, to maintain the quality and integrity of this site, we are very selective about the types of products and services we link to.

Are you interested? Please use this contact form to send me your ideas for consideration or request a copy of our advertising policy and rates.

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