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Greetings and welcome to Advanced  Life Skills

My name is Keith Matthew and I am sincerely glad that you are here. In fact, I am really looking forward to sharing some truly life transforming information with you.

How I got here!

I guess it would be fair to say that I entered the field of personal growth and development through the side door. My background is actually in the area of health and wellness. Nutritional counseling put me in constant contact with two distinctly different groups of people.

I worked with athletes, mostly bodybuilders, but I also worked with those who were overweight and wanted to reduce.

Different paradigms, different anchors

I found that athletes were ready and willing to adhere to strict dietary and training protocols. For them, such disciplines were anchored in the pleasure of better performance in their chosen field.

On the other hand, those who were overweight linked the same disciplines to pain. This was because, to them, it felt like they were being denied the pleasure of food.

More advanced life skills where needed

Then I began learning a whole new set of life skills related to pain and pleasure paradigms and the effects of emotional anchoring, mental imagery, learned behavior and established belief patterns. When I applied this knowledge to help overweight clients change their emotional association with food, it was a real breakthrough. Suddenly, by implementing these new life skills they were able to develop new behavior patterns that supported their weight loss goals.

From that point on my focus was on helping others to get in touch with their own beliefs and emotional anchors as a first step. Over time I developed a series of questions and written exercises designed to help you discover your deepest beliefs about yourself as a person, expose areas of internal conflict, and establish internal harmony.

With the right life skills you can change anything

By learning the advanced life skills that allow you to make simple adjustments in your core beliefs and eliminate internal disharmony it becomes much easier to achieve your goals than ever before.

Learning how to effectively set goals, make a commitment and then take action are very important life skills. But being able to do this and stay in harmony with your true self and your personal code of ethics is infinitely more powerful.

I began to use these same life skills to help clients address concerns in other areas of their lives and the results were astounding. Once you are at peace with yourself, your entire life changes. As your sense of inner harmony radiates outwardly, your relationships, self-esteem, and clarity of purpose all improve.

Positive change is an inside job

When we focus on creating internal harmony first, everything else has a way of falling into place. The more in tune you become with your real values, passions and motives, the easier it is to attract good things into your life.

Over time I have refined my approach into a simple, step-by-step program to help others build success from the inside out. This program takes you through a sequence of seven life transforming steps. It begins by helping you discover who you really are on the inside, and progresses toward creating the life you truly desire. Uniquely, these steps are structured in a way that never fosters internal conflict or cross-purposes. Internal harmony is always maintained.

PS. If you would like to know more about my personal story and experiences check out My Story. If you would like more information about my coaching practice visit Breakthrough Strategy Coaching.

Thanks for being here,

Keith Matthew

If you’re ready to discover your core values and passions, and make a deeper connection with your true self, then you’re ready to Find Your TRUE SELF.

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