7 Vital Building Blocks of Confidence

build your confidence

When you see people who appear to be confident and sure of their every move, what goes through your mind?

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Do you know someone like that who seems to succeed at everything they do? Are you convinced that it’s because they are smarter, luckier or in some way better than you are?

It’s very likely that none of those things are true. But confident people do have one very special thing going for them though. Would you like to know what that is?

What people with confidence realize

They understand the impact of believing in themselves and relying on their abilities.

This confidence ultimately creates opportunities for success and with each new success another boost to their confidence. Success builds on success, creating a self-confident mindset that is reinforced with each new accomplishment.

Confidence is self-perpetuating!

The perception of a self confident person changes how they view their world. When people perceive themselves as able to achieve anything they set their mind to, this perception shapes their reality.

Yes, perception shapes reality, and with the right mindset you too can become the confident, self-assured person you want to be.

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7 ways to boost your confidence.

1) Acknowledge and list existing areas of confidence. Any area in your life where you are producing good results is an area where you have confidence in your own abilities. Take some time to examine and list those areas along with the beliefs and feelings that support them.

2) Start where you know you can succeed. One effective way to build your self-confidence is to choose an area in your life where you know you can take control. No matter who we are, there is always some area in our life where we feel a level of competence. Start by setting one reachable goal in that direction and then take action.

3) Repeat the process. When you experience success, set another reachable goal in that same direction and follow through with more action. Continue this pattern until you become comfortable with your ability to produce your intended outcome.

4) Expand your efforts. Next, choose another area in your life where you have a degree of competence and repeat the process. As your feelings of confidence grow, allow yourself to identify with your success. Learn to view yourself as a successful person and attach feelings of approval to your positive experiences.

5) Enlist some external feedback. Explain your challenge to a friend and ask them to provide you with some positive feedback every time you succeed in producing an intended result. Now you will have a source of both external and internal positive validation.

6) Walk the walk and talk the talk.Adopt the external characteristics of someone with a great deal of confidence. If you walk, talk, dress and conduct yourself like a person who is very confident, you will send signals to your own nervous system that say, “I can do anything I set my mind to.” You will also send those same messages to everyone you come in contact with.

7) Make confidence part of your identity.Embracing a positive view of yourself that empowers you to confidently take action in the direction of your goals is a huge step in your personal development. If you experience any disappointing results, resist the urge to link them to your personal identity. They are just part of the process. Make adjustments and move on.

Continue building on your new pattern of confidence

Once you have established a pattern of success you will fully develop the emotional viewpoint of a successful person. This mindset will give you the confidence to continue the successful pattern.

Because your actions have produced positive results in the past, you will have every reason to believe that they will produce successful results in the future. This is the kind of mindset that will fill you with optimism and give the courage to take on new challenges with confidence.

Create an environment that nurtures confidence

Make it a habit to read positive, encouraging, “how to” self-improvement articles regularly and put the suggestions to work in your life. Embrace the personal growth mindset and surround yourself with people whose energy empowers you to take action.

You can boost your self-confidence! It’s a simple matter of adopting a more empowering mindset and building a more positive perception of your abilities. Remember, confidence is self-perpetuating; you just need to get the ball rolling and create some momentum.

In what areas of life do you have a lot of confidence?
Are there areas where you need more confidence?
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