Challenge Yourself – Do a 100 Day Countdown

100 day countdown challenge

It’s about to happen again! Soon there will only be 100 days left before this year is just a memory. That’s not much time, or is it? Have you ever wondered just how much you could accomplish in 100 days if you decided to really challenge yourself?

The truth is that 100 days is more than enough time to make some very significant changes in your life, but first you have to decide to make it happen. So, you have a choice. You can let this year run its course and postpone those really big goals until next year, or you can…

Challenge yourself NOW!

Once the year is more than half over, there is a tendency for some to start making plans to start next year with a bang. I’ll do that too when the time comes, but right now I am going to focus on making the remainder of this year really count. There are still a number of things I want to accomplish and it’s time to get serious.

In fact, I am determined to get really focused and make the remainder of this year super productive, and I’d like you to consider doing the same thing. I’d like to motivate you to really challenge yourself. Imagine how fantastic it will feel when Dec. 31 rolls around and you look back and say, WOW, I did it.

Forget about all those obstacles, seize the 100 days!

All year long it seems like every time I got started on a project my world filled up with distractions that slowed me down or tried to throw me off track. I am guessing that you’ve experienced some of that also. If everything you set out to do took longer than you had planned, this is the time to challenge yourself to do something about it.

Do you have goals that keep getting delayed or pushed aside? If so, let’s join forces and encourage each other to make it happen now. Listen, I am totally into this and I don’t plan to let anything get in the way. The rest of this year will go by quickly, but there’s still plenty of time to challenge yourself to make some major progress. Let’s do it together.

Learn the inside secrets of accomplishing goals

Turning your goals into reality is an advanced life skill that anyone can learn. Like most things, it’s a process that can be broken down and explained. There are also some key elements for successfully achieving your goals that once learned make it possible for you to challenge yourself any time to accomplish amazing things in a short time frame.

To stay motivated and focused I use a program called the 100 Day Challenge created by my friend Gary Ryan Blair. And my favorite time of year to do this is the last 100 days of the year because I love to end the year with a strong finish.

Challenge yourself, do a 100 day countdown! 

Here’s a great way to challenge yourself.  Pick one very significant goal and make it happen in the next 100 days. You know you can do it if you get super focused. So, instead of making excuses or postponing it, why not just make a decision to challenge yourself to do it right now?

You must embrace the belief that you have the ability to multiply your performance, dramatically exceed your best expectations, and achieve goals on a scale that in the past seemed impossible. –Gary Ryan Blair

The 100 Day Challenge is the fastest and easiest way I know to kick things into high gear because it is designed to put you way ahead of the curve and keep you there. But even if you don’t get the program you can still challenge yourself to finish the year strong. Do it for you! Give yourself that special sense of gratification that comes with accomplishment.

What can help you challenge yourself and succeed?

Having a deadline for accomplishing your goals is extremely powerful. You’ve got 100 days. Take out your calendar and mark them off. That’s your window of opportunity and it is enough time to amaze yourself if you really go for it.

Accountability is also a very powerful motivator and you can easily create that by simply declaring your intentions in a comment below this article. Tell us what you WILL accomplish. Go ahead, be bold, make a personal commitment and declare your intention to the world.

What goal will you challenge yourself to complete?

Maybe you have been meaning to start exercising to get in shape or lose some weight. Perhaps there is a special project at work or at home that you haven’t been able to get to all year. Did you plan to write a book, get debt free, increase your income, lose some weight, learn a special new skill, or anything else? It’s not too late. Why not make it happen now?

Why am I encouraging you to really challenge yourself and make those goals a reality. It’s simple really. I want you to rock your world and I know that if you start turning your focus to next year, then you’ve already written this year off. What a waste of time that would be. Don’t do that to yourself. How much more rewarding it would be to focus on the here and now and make the rest of this year really count for something.

Remember, accomplishment happens in the present, not the future. Challenge yourself to do it now!

What one goal would you like to focus on?
How great would accomplishing that goal feel?
What are you going to do about it?
The lines are open and the clock is ticking!

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  1. Steve November 1, 2010 Reply

    Jonathan, This year, I was thinking of that challenge, only in a 90 day format, when I started P90X, a challenging at home workout session that consists of a 1 hour session almost every day. By December 31st I should be close to completing the challenge. But your post makes me want to review my goals and pick one that I have not completely achieved yet. I am going to pick one more goal with which to finish strong :)

    • Jonathan November 1, 2010 Reply

      Excellent job Steve, I did the P90X program at the end of last year and by the time we went to Kauai in January my wife and I were in phenomenal shape. One word of caution: it is very easy to get over trained and become susceptible to injury on P90X. I ended up replacing all of the push-ups with various forms of dumbbell bench presses to allow for better shoulder rotation.

      Hearing about your goals is getting me even more psyched. I am also working on some fitness goals, so let’s go for it.

  2. Nea November 1, 2010 Reply

    Hi there Jonathan. I love the idea of doing a countdown. I’ve lost some weight with new dietary changes and I have a ton of goals for my new relationship advice site.

    You’ve inspired me to sit down and make out a plan for these last 100 days in the year. I think I’ll take some time out tonight to break my goals into smaller, more measurable segments. Great post!

    • Jonathan November 1, 2010 Reply

      Hi Nea, sounds like you are off to a great start. We would love to hear your plan when you get it laid out. That is exactly the “process” others need to understand.

  3. Alex Blackwell November 1, 2010 Reply

    I’m in. My goal is to grow my blog to 5K subscribers by the end of the year!

    • Jonathan November 1, 2010 Reply

      Hey Alex, that’s a substantial goal all right. So, what’s the plan? How will you generate those new subscribers? Maybe we can help.

  4. Laurie Delk November 1, 2010 Reply

    I have 2:
    1) Lose 30 lbs, and be more toned
    2) Have my whole house done, cleaned and de-cluttered, all rooms.
    Hold me accountable! :)

    • Jonathan November 1, 2010 Reply

      Hi Laurie, #1 is doable but it will take some planning. Care to share your plan with us? I actually talk a lot about this one in my book. It’s that nutrition and fitness background showing through. So, here’s what I think: I think you can do it! Please, keep us posted on your progress.

      • Laurie Delk November 1, 2010 Reply

        My plan is pretty simple. I have always ate healthy – but gained much weight in my late 30’s when my husband had a bad back surgery – (they say I did due to stress) — I don’t eat sweets, but pasta and potatoes are my downfall. So I am cutting all those, and only eating healthy low fat, organic protein and green veggies (green beans and broccoli), and then salads with almonds, walnuts, etc. (maybe *some* cheese lol). I got the papers to join the Y, and I am going to turn them in tomorrow, so plan to work out Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat for 2-3 hours (walk treadmill, ride bikes, swim, hot tub, weights, etc) That is pretty much it – and *trying* (I hate measuring stuff though) but to keep it around 1000 calories, and NO eating after 7pm. :) (7-10pm is the clean my house part each night, and give away stuff :))

        • Jonathan November 1, 2010 Reply

          Excellent plan Laurie. You sound motivated and determined. Like all worthwhile goals, there will be challenges along the way, but knowing that ahead of time means that you are always a step ahead. Make sure to constantly visualize yourself 30 lbs lighter so your brain will continue to send the right signals to your nervous system. Also, plan on working a little harder for those last 10 lbs. The body has a program called homeostasis that resists change and the further you get from your current weight the more resistance kicks in. When that happens you need to brake routine and throw your body an unexpected curve to get things moving again. Keep us posted on your progress. I am excited for you.

  5. Ayesha Usman November 1, 2010 Reply

    I had two goals for this year…
    1) I would start a blog writing about the experiences of first-time mommies
    2) I wanted to learn how to make couture cakes
    I was about to give up on them but just read your post. I think I can do it.

    • Jonathan November 3, 2010 Reply

      Hi Ayesha, I really like your idea for a blog, I think there is great potential there!

  6. Matt Clark November 2, 2010 Reply

    Hey Jonathan, I agree my year is not even close to over. I am working on adding another 20 clients to my business. I also work with a professional football team in Canada and we are looking to win the Grey Cup. We are 3 games away. This is a big one for me! And, the last goal for this season which also spills into next year is to ski 40 days this winter!

    Love the challenge thanks for sharing.

    • Jonathan November 3, 2010 Reply

      Hey Matt, I like the balance in your goals because you’ve included work and play. All the ski buffs are probably thinking about skiing goals now. Keep us posted, especially on your 20 new clients.

  7. Marion November 2, 2010 Reply


    I love this idea and a little accountability goes a long way too.

    1. A plan of action to get the best out of the next 100 days and
    2. Loose 7LBs by the end of the year.

    Thank you for this helpful nudge.

    • Jonathan November 3, 2010 Reply

      Hi Marion, spoken like a true coach. First comes the plan followed by ACTION.

  8. Mike Reeves-McMillan November 2, 2010 Reply

    100 days, that really puts it in perspective!

    I want to finish up two products that are mostly written and just have to be pulled together. I’m also doing a fitness challenge, 100 Pushups, and even though I’m doing it at a slightly slower pace than it’s supposed to be done at, I think it’s still realistic to finish that one by the end of the year as well.

    • Jonathan November 3, 2010 Reply

      Hi Mike, finishing projects that are already in motion will give you an excellent start on next year in so many ways. That sense of accomplishment will translate into massive motivation as the new year rolls around and you will be ready to rock. I love getting in shape at the end of the year when so many are going the other direction. It’s the contrarian in me I suppose.

  9. Robin Easton November 2, 2010 Reply

    Dear Jonathan, I’ve been thinking about this a lot since you put it up here. And I think my goal for the next 100 days is to take time out and totally ignore all the “pull” on me (or at least not let it dictate my life) so that I can regain my strong sense of self and direction. That may mean not doing as much online in the way that I have for 3 years.

    It will definitely mean spending more time alone, AND in nature. I want to really take a close look at what “matters” to me. My core truths or values. I hunger for something deeply authentic. I can feel it there in me. I need to quiet the pull and chatter that goes on around me online. For me it requires quiet time. Maybe even bold or drastic changes. I am due for some.

    I want to re-evaluate where I am headed and what TRULY matters to ME. I need to ask into the total stillness, “What do I want? If I removed all the supposed obstacles, if I looked at my life as if all my needs were met, what would be left that would fill me with passion? So much passion that nothing else mattered.”

    THEN I want to do that, whether the obstacles are still there or not. But first I have to know what that is in my life. It’s very important to me. It’s everything. It’s what give my life meaning.

    I know this, I’ve read too much, been online too much, done a lot of too much-es. And it was good for a time and an incredible learning experience interacting with people, but I want to make very sure that I am living who I really am at my core. As you say so well, my TRUE SELF.

    I feel a huge shift happening in me. It simply may be that I do things differently or more creatively or more in keeping with who I am regardless of what others like or think.

    Oddly it’s a very exciting time for me BECAUSE I feel this way. I am not afraid of change or much of anything. It’s just a matter of stripping away ALL the chaos and fog and habits and asleep at the wheel, and getting myself VERY clear so as to see life through fresh eyes. To see life anew, with all of it’s exciting possibilities.

    I want to explore those possibilities in the next 100 days. Thank you dear friend. I know this may not be the kind of thing you were talking about, but it’s what came to my mind. I think you sparked it in me with your twitter comment. Bless you dear friend. R

    • Jonathan November 3, 2010 Reply

      What a great plan Robin, I think you will find loads of clarity by reconnecting with your core. I am glad you have the awareness to know when looking after yourself needs to be a priority. I feel certain that by the end of the year you will feel focused and energized. We always feel so much better when our personal resources have been built up and we get back that feeling of being grounded.

      You have worked so hard this year and accomplished so much, it’s time!

  10. Steven Aitchison November 2, 2010 Reply

    Hey Jonathan. I remember doing this last year and it really got me fired up. I didn’t quite achieve my goal in the 100 days, but got very close.

    My goal for the next 100 days is to write another guide and have it designed, and ready by year end. I was going to leave it until January next year but now’s as good a time as any.

    I’d love to do what Robin is planning and just getting back to myself for a bit, but hopefully I can do that at the beginning of next year.

    • Jonathan November 3, 2010 Reply

      Hey Steve, like Robin you have accomplished some amazing things this year. I think the whole CYT Guides project is awesome and can hardly wait to see what you will come up with next. Great goal, I know you will reach it.

  11. Andrzej November 3, 2010 Reply

    Great idea!

    I’ll set two goals:
    – start and continue a weight lifting program,
    – make 3 posts every week,
    – increase blog views 10x ;)

    • Jonathan November 3, 2010 Reply

      Good goals Andrzej. We would all like to “increase blog views 10X.” What’s the plan for accomplishing that?

  12. Sandra Lee November 5, 2010 Reply

    Hi Jonathan,

    What a terrific idea. I love Robin’s aspiration to get back in touch with herself. My goal is to write more guests posts – perhaps 2-4. I need to stay realistic and not over-reach.

    I loved True Self and am going to pop it open to re-read the goals section again!

    • Jonathan November 9, 2010 Reply

      Hi Sandra, one of the challenges for productive people is exactly what you mentioned, “to stay realistic and not over-reach.” It’s great to be enthusiastic, but if we take on too much we defeat the purpose. Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on this Sandra.

  13. LIzzie Manuel November 8, 2010 Reply

    HI, it’s been a long time since I last visited this site. I missed it so much. I need to do a lot of catching up.

    Anyway, I am challenged by your article. I have been thinking of writing my own blog but I am still not sure of what will be my theme. I want something I am good at. I hope I could start this year. That will be my goal. I’m also thinking of writing a book about relationships. It came as an idea when I started giving advice to my friends about their relationships and they thought I could really give some helpful advice. Although I am not an expert in relationships, they think that my insights are great. Thanks for this article, it made me realize that I should act now!

    • Jonathan November 9, 2010 Reply

      Hi Lizzie, as you write your blog you will discover your niche. Blogging is an incredible exercise in self-discovery. My suggestion would be, don’t wait, just start and see what unfolds. It is perfectly alright to change your focus, theme, blog name, or anything else once it becomes more clear to you. So, go for it.

  14. shataakshii October 24, 2011 Reply

    hey! i loved your blog. i have decided i am going to accomplish two things in these 2 months. my first goal is to top in grade 12th exams in the whole country and 2nd is to prepare for my entrance college exam which requires completing and practising tons of books. but i will make every day count. thank you soo much! :)

  15. cassie September 16, 2013 Reply

    It’s really a good idea, I will set two goals for myself
    1. To improve my writing skill
    2. To start a healthier lifestyle

  16. Seho Moon September 16, 2013 Reply

    Hi, I wanted to try the idea!

    Recently, I failed two classes, and dropped one class last semester in college.
    This is my last semester at a community college. I want to finish it and be ready for a four-year college. This time of year is so important, yet, I haven’t let go of the lazy habit to postpone doing the homework.

    I’d like to join the forces and finish the school with a very rewarding accomplishment, diploma.

  17. CJ September 17, 2013 Reply

    Thank you for this inspiration and reminder that I can accomplish a lot in 100 days! I usually set new goals at the beginning of the new year, but your idea is a real boost to my motivation to exercise more often and be mindful of my eating habits. Instead of “dieting,” I have decided to commit to healthy eating and see how I feel and look.

  18. Dipika September 19, 2013 Reply

    Dear Jonathan

    I love this idea of yours and hope it helps me and us out.

    a. A plan of action for next 100 days.
    b. Get a flat belly by the October end of the year.
    c. Learn Web technologies by this year to start building my own websites starting next year.

    Thank you for this helpful nudge.

  19. Leticia September 19, 2013 Reply

    Spiritual goals – pray, listen and write daily
    Physical goals – eat right, and begin an exercise program.
    Business Goals – speaking, author and photographer.
    Fine tune website. Monetize it!
    Internet business goals – have to make a decision and get trained
    Job searching goals – apply for three to four jobs a week.
    School goals – check email and log in daily.
    Scholarship goals – Fill out one scholarship per week.

  20. Sami September 20, 2013 Reply

    Its gonna be a GREAT year :)

  21. cacy September 20, 2013 Reply

    this 100 inspired my morning!!

    all in to it. the goal is to be fit, exercise and start the new year with a healthy lifestyle i know we all can do it lets put our minds to it, SUCCESS TO ALL

  22. Sami September 20, 2013 Reply

    I felt like making some changes in my life but was not excited enough to start, now I am :D
    I gotta:
    1)loose some weight and keep in shape.
    2)top in studying, I need to study on a regular basis.
    but there is one important question remaining unanswered , how to keep inspired and hopefull the whole time?

  23. Mary September 20, 2013 Reply

    Great idea!! I love that it’s at the end of the year. Count me in. My goal is to lose 1-2 lbs. per week until I reach my goal. If I reach it before the end of the year, I will maintain it. (…for the next year or two…loved your book.) I have lost this weight before, many times over, through good habits and portion control. I will re-learn those habits. And, once I’ve reached my goal, I will savor that feeling for as long as I can so that I remember what it feels like to feel really good. That’s something I haven’t done in the past.

    • Nazia Karmali March 23, 2014 Reply

      “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
      Thanks Jonathan for an inspiring blog! I think you are a mind reader, i was thinking the same but you have put that into words.
      This year my goal is to become a Trainer. I need to be more focused and I will try my level best to polish my skills and design a realistic plan that will help me to achieve my goal.

      It’s gonna be a superb year!! :D

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