your biggest obstacle to personal growth

What is it that stands between where you are now, and the next level of personal growth? Does it ever feel like the harder you try, the more difficult change becomes? Have you ever thought that there might be some kind of underlying invisible force designed to make your progress slow and difficult? That’s a perfectly reasonable assumption, and here’s why. If there were no such force, then personal growth would be easy. Obviously that’s not the case or personal development wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar industry. The very existence of this industry means that millions of people are finding […]


The Battle between Motivation and Fear

fear and motivation

Has fear ever gotten the best of your motivation? When this happens it can be very frustrating and disappointing. No motivation means little or no action. The end result is likely to be that another goal falls by the wayside. No matter how much you want to achieve your goal the lack of motivation will eventually cause you to lose your focus. This is especially true of epic goals that require consistent effort over an extended period of time. The battle between motivation and fear You don’t have to allow fear to hinder your actions, undermine your motivation, or derail […]

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20 Life Skills to Keep Peace in Your Relationship

life skills for relationship peace

It is inevitable that in every relationship there are going to be differences, and everyone has days when their emotions can get the better of them. The problem is not that we have differences in our relationship, the problem lies in the way we handle those differences. When our ego gets in the way, we can easily say or do things that threaten the peace of our relationship and increase the level of relationship stress. Instead of putting the peace of your relationship on the line when there’s a problem, wouldn’t it be better to develop the life skills needed […]

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The Key to Making Wise Decisions

wise decisions

Of all the valuable life skills a person can develop, the ability to make wise decisions ranks at the very top. No other skill has such a dramatic impact on our quality of life! And yet, society seems to be plagued with those who consistently make bad decisions. Have you ever been amazed by the abundance of shortsightedness when it comes to making decisions? Have you ever wondered why such an important life skill presents such a formidable challenge to so many? Have you struggled with this challenge personally? Making wise decisions is a life skill In order for us to […]

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Learning to Focus on Abundance Instead of Scarcity

focus on abundance

During challenging times it can be extremely difficult to maintain a positive mental focus. Perhaps you have wrestled with this yourself. At those times when all your resources seem to be evaporating, do you find it difficult to focus on abundance? Consciously and consistently moving your focus away from lack and scarcity is one of the most effective things you can do to cultivate a mindset of abundance. The problem is, many people are unconsciously focusing on scarcity without even realizing it! Is your focus on abundance or scarcity? How do you know if you are focused on scarcity instead […]

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Life Skills For the Life You Really Want?

life skills for the life you want

I’d like to talk to you about a very important concept that can totally change the way you experience life starting immediately. The idea that I would like you to fully grasp is this: You can develop the life skills you need to create the life you really want. It does not matter where you are in life, and it makes no difference what you want to achieve. The moment you finally make up your mind that things are going to be different, that is the point where your life can completely change direction. A simple decision is all it […]

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Is it Goal Setting or just Wishful Thinking?

goal setting

To a person with a progressive mindset, goal setting represents an opportunity for continued growth and achievement. It’s like being able to create a new beginning any time and for any reason. By nature, some of us are hardwired to want to keep making progress in all areas of our life. We enjoy the process of setting our sights on something, and then pursuing that desired outcome until it is realized. There is a special kind of gratification that comes from challenging ourselves to meet a higher standard and then rising to meet that challenge. Don’t let goal setting be […]

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14 Very Effective Communication Skills

effective communication skills

Statistics point to the fact that approximately 85% percent of our success in life is directly attributable to our communication skills. That means that no matter how ambitious, how committed, or how highly educated someone is, they still have a low probability of success unless they develop the right communication skills. If you really look at the way people tend to converse with one another, it becomes very clear that most of us could probably benefit from giving some attention to our communication skills. “The quality of your life is the quality of your communication.” ~Tony Robbins Communication skills and success Any […]

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